Fibrocystic Breasts

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Fibrocystic Breasts

Fibrocystic breasts are characterized by discomfort and lumpiness in one or both breasts. More than 60% of women experience fibrocystic breast changes at some point in their lives and the condition is benign and quite common, meaning that they are non-cancerous. This condition affects women between ages 20 and 50 and becomes less of an issue after menopause. The exact cause of fibrocystic breast changes is unknown but experts infer that reproductive hormones particularly estrogen play a role.

The signs and symptoms of fibrocystic breasts include:

• Breast pain and tenderness
• Changes in the size of breast lumps
• Dark brown o green nipple discharge that leaks without pressure or squeezing
• Changes in one or both breasts
• A monthly increase in breast tenderness and pain or even lumpiness from ovulation to just before your period

Home remedies include:

• It's important to wear firm support innerwear while exercising and while sleeping
• Decrease the fat in your diet
• Stop or reduce taking hormone therapy
• You can use a heating pad or warm water bottle to relieve ache

Contact your doctor if you find a new breast lump or area of thickening that continues after your period or if a formerly evaluated breast lump seems to have grown or otherwise changed!

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