Foods and love - The Connection

  • 81 Months ago
Foods and love - The Connection

Food and love are very closely associated. When you plan to have a nice time with your partner or meet someone special, the first thing you think of is a place where you will find good food. There are certain foods which are particularly associated with love.

Strawberries: Also called the ‘fruit of love', strawberries are red in colour and shaped like a heart which makes it the perfect fruit to be associated with love. It has high seed content and symbolizes fertility. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps in improving immunity. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer abilities.

Chocolate: No points for guessing! Chocolate has been the most popular gift for loved ones apart from flowers. They boost your mood and help in releasing the feel good hormones and induce or mimic the feeling of being in love. It is also known to increase your libido and gives one an energy boost. So, indulge in dark chocolate to feel the love and to load up on antioxidants!

Oysters: Oysters are high in zinc and are known to be great for love and fertility. They have certain amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones. They are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which promote general well-being.

Honey: Honey has got everything to do with romance. The word "honeymoon" got its name from a drink made from honey which was given to the bride and groom to boost their energy naturally. The name is also used to call your loved one! Not only that, honey has innumerable health benefits and healing properties and is used in alternative medicine.

Coffee: The first time you take your loved one out, it is most likely for a cup of coffee. Coffee has caffeine which is a natural stimulant that increases heart rate and blood flow. It gets you refreshed and puts you in a good mood.

So, try a recipe from either of these ingredients and enjoy your Valentine's Day!!