Social Connections & Friends Can Make You Healthier!

  • 8 months ago
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Social Connections & Friends Can Make You Healthier!

Did you know that having a robust social network can make you healthier? Well, you read that right; it is one of the best-kept secrets to good health and long life.

Sometimes, you may find it hard to stay in touch with friends and distant family members, but we must take out time to connect with them. Tight friendships and strong family members offer an emotional connection. Research has shown that when we have close ties, we're more likely to take better care of ourselves, feel less stressed, and even live longer.

So how can friends make us healthier?

Benefits of Social Interaction

  • Researchers explained those with a diverse social network were less vulnerable to cold than those who stayed socially isolated.
  • You may sleep better. In a study by the University of Chicago, folks suggested how being lonely can lead to restless sleep. The lonelier you are, the more you toss and turn.
  • Having strong social connections may cut your risk of cognitive decline, according to several studies.
  • According to studies, happy workers are 13% more productive! Even if you are sick, talking to someone who understands your situation promotes healing.

A good and healthy relationship is invaluable because it supports us during rough times and helps us find the deeper meaning in life.

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Social Anxiety Can Be a Serious Problem

Social fear or social anxiety is a common problem, and it is a hidden one. Shy is a fancy name for facing the public. This fear starts when you are young and at home/school. It can significantly affect your corporate success. In the initial years, it begins when you get underestimated; someone doesn't like you; support other siblings in front of you; or if the other person looks better than you, etc. But, at work, it can be a huge problem.

People may experience specific job issues such as an inability to network successfully, phobia of attending company social events, difficulties forming relationships with coworkers, a lack of self-confidence, and difficulty speaking up in meetings.

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Importance of Social Well-Being and Friendships at the Workplace

Job satisfaction is not just about the work you do; it includes many other factors, such as: The social culture of the company. Work becomes fun when you have a colleague who is not just your coffee break partner but also someone who keeps your spirits high during downfalls. If you have a good friend in the office, it contributes to overall job satisfaction and even makes a toxic workplace bearable. You can vent all your problems and share happy moments with them.

Take Actions to Improve Your Social Skills

The long-term problems of social fear include failure in life, low confidence, poor decision-making ability, wrong planning, flawed emotional quotient, negative thoughts, etc. To avoid these, one needs to recognize and try to solve them.

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Counseling can play a crucial role in solving this problem.

Emotional Counseling

Share your views and experience with someone you trust and believe. If you think you do not have anyone, you can approach support services like HR or EAP counselors. It will help you to regain confidence and polish your social skills.

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