Fruits to avoid at dinner time and why?

  • 8 months ago
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Fruits to avoid at dinner time and why?

You might have often come across people who have advised you regarding fruits like "Eat this, not that after dinner" or "Avoid eating this fruit before going to sleep at night"?

Well, most of us have definitely heard this coming from our parents during our childhood, but  have you ever tried to research about this?

If you haven't, this article will tell you all the necessary things you need to know about the disadvantages of having fruits at night and what fruits to choose.


1. Rise in the level of blood sugar

Many fruits contain a high level of sugar, and consuming them at dinner time can increase the chance of rising blood sugar levels. Majority of the population has the problem of high blood  sugar, and eating specific fruits will increase the risk. Hence, having certain fruits at dinner time  just before going to bed should be avoided.

2. Increasing energy levels

Consuming fruits at dinner time just before going to bed can increase your energy levels. This  can be disturbing since you will not have a deep sleep and often feel distracted. Fruits should be consumed during breakfast since they will contribute to the body's energy level and make you work without feeling exhausted.

3. Loss of other nutrients

Most of the time, people skip other food supplements like vegetables and proteins when they  have fruits. This is because they try to accommodate the fruits and manage their diet schedule. But skipping other essential food supplements that are full of nutrients may cause further complications in your body due to the deficiency.

4. Might be disturbing

Fruits contain water in abundance, so they may disturb your sleep if they are eaten during dinner  time. You might have to rush to the washroom a lot of times, resulting in not having enough  sleep. This is why fruits should be consumed during the day or in the evening when visiting the  washroom will not become a problem.


These are the best fruits to have at dinner. Have a look!

1. Grapes – You can have grapes on your dinner plate as an appetizer. Though they are juicy but  they will add taste to your custard in your dessert.

2. MangoCan I have mango for dinner? Yes, you can have it after dinner as a dessert and refreshment.

3. Apples – Apples can be a fantastic ingredient for a food salad. It is very healthy and delicious  as well.

4. Guava – A guava can be an excellent choice for a night fruit. It's perfect for the proper  functioning of bowel movements.

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It would be best if you tried avoiding these fruits during dinner time for the following reasons.

1. Tangerine– Tangerine is an acidic fruit that contains citrus acid. It can cause digestive  problems while you're asleep.

2. Banana– Banana has a tendency to spread cold. People who have cough and the cold problem  should avoid having it at night.

3. LemonsCan I have lemons for dinner? You can have it, but it's better to refrain from  having it because the water content in lemon can disturb your sleep.

4. Pear– Pears have a high sugar content that can increase your blood sugar levels at night.  Hence, it's better to avoid it.

Every fruit has its own specific positive side, a correct timing and we should all incorporate them into our diets. The only thing we need to keep in mind is that not all fruits are suitable for the nighttime, sometimes, they might be best for breakfast. Therefore, balance everything and go ahead.

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