Proven Tips To Build And Maintain Healthy Relationships

  • 28 months ago
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Proven Tips To Build And Maintain  Healthy Relationships

We, humans, are social beings who cannot survive without relationships. Any relationship involves at least two people who come together willingly to share their lives and it is said that sound relationships are the true wealth of an individual.

Sound and healthy relationships mean relationships that stand strong through thick and thin irrespective of their own set of conflicts and disagreements.

Here are some handy tips towards building and maintaining such healthy relationships:

  • Be aware of what you want from the relationship. Give a thought about your values. Ask what has made you both happy earlier. Work on it.
  • Communicate effectively to the other person. Do not expect all your needs to be met. We all have our visions but they may not necessarily align with your partner. The sooner you accept that, the happier you'll be.
  • Be ready to discuss and cooperate on the things you want from one another. Come to a mid-point where you both can agree. This will help you in balancing the relationship.
  • Avoid expecting your partner to change in order to meet your needs. It's obvious that unmet needs can trigger certain behavioral changes in you that your partner might not like. Forcing them to shift their actions to please you will only create a mess. Avoid that.
  • Empathize with your partner. It is not necessary to agree, but it is necessary to understand and respect it.
  • Be willing to work honestly towards minimizing the differences, wherein there is negotiation from both ends. Always maintain mutual respect, be it in private or in public.
  • Team up with each other. See yourselves as two unique individuals coming together with different perspectives, strengths, and differences that add value to your relationship.

Emotional Counseling

In a nutshell

If you sense a disturbance in your relationship, convert the above statements into a checklist and check the ones that are lacking and need focus to make it healthy and sound.

If you are going through a rough phase in your relationship and despite your trials, everything seems to be crashing apart, it's time that you should consult a counselor. Emotional guidance and relationship therapy can help to revive your relationship and create a sense of belongingness.

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