Has your Constipation Reached the Next Level, PILES???

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Has your Constipation Reached the Next Level, PILES???

Is sitting in the toilet with an array of thoughts no more the so-called small pleasures of life? Has your constipation problem reached the next level? Has passing stools become a nightmare? Have you started curbing your appetite because passing stools is a painful process now? Most of us find it embarrassing to share it with people or even visit a Doctor to get this problem cured. But know when it is alarming! Here is a small piece of information that will help you understand your body and the problem better...

What are hemorrhoids?

As you know, we all have different veins running in our body at different regions. The vein that runs near the anal canal gets swollen up to form ‘hemorrhoids' or ‘piles' as it is popularly known. The swelling can be inside the body or at the opening of the anus leading to the formation of internal/external hemorrhoids respectively.


Too much pressure on the pelvic or the rectal region or straining yourself too much while passing motion can cause hemorrhoids. Diarrhea or constipation can also increase pressure on the veins. The second and the third trimester of pregnancy can trigger hemorrhoids due to increased blood pressure at the pelvic area. It can also be triggered if the strain to push the baby out during labor is too high. Those extra kilos in a heavy person can also trigger the same.


It can start with a simple hardening of stools (or constipation) leading to blood loss while passing stools. It can also be accompanied by itching and pain at the anal region along with discomfort.


Depending on the degree and the location of the hemorrhoid, the treatment is started. The doctor can also prescribe you a stool softener to ease constipation or an ointment to cover up the wound that causes bleeding. With a few lifestyle changes like drinking PLENTY of water every day, avoiding foods that are very spicy or quitting smoking, exercising regularly and including raw vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, you can relieve yourself from the symptoms soon. Trust your Doctor and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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