Can Some Scents Trigger Headaches/ Migraine?

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Can Some Scents Trigger Headaches/ Migraine?

Yes! Because of the chemicals used in the fragrance, some people get migraines after wearing perfume. Some of these substances may irritate or trigger migraine sufferers or those who experience other types of headaches.

Additionally, some smells have a powerful aroma that can discomfort individuals or make existing headaches worse. It may be better to avoid wearing perfume or to try a fragrance-free substitute if you have migraines after using it.

According to one report, when exposed to fragranced products, 34.7% of the population suffered health issues, including allergy symptoms like migraines, headaches, and respiratory problems. Fragrances are the second most common cause of migraines, other than stressful events.

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How does perfume cause migraines?

We have a strong connection between our nose and brain which is essential for survival. Certain smells can cause an immediate alert in our brain, allowing us to escape the danger.

Strong scents cause the blood vessels in the brain to expand and shrink (pulsate), resulting in a headache or migraine. Scents can stimulate parts of the brain and nervous system that cause headaches. Olfactory chemical irritants get transferred by the sensory nerves and can harm the trigeminovascular system (the system that causes headaches!) causing headaches.

Perfumes contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are known to trigger headaches. Limonene, beta-pinene, and ethanol are some of the most common VOCs found in perfume.

How to Get Rid of Perfume Headaches?

To reduce headaches, get away from the source of the scent, whether it's another person or a confined space. If you have used perfume, a simple shower will solve the problem. If nothing else works, take some headache medication.

When you feel your headache is about to increase, try to get out into the fresh air. It works well if the perfume intensity is causing your headache.

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Tips to Prevent Headache Caused by Perfume

If you love your perfume, but it gives you a minor headache now and then, you might not want to give it up. Here are several tips for preventing perfume headaches, from moderation to substitution and elimination.

1. Moderation

If your perfume only sometimes gives you headaches, your pain is likely intensity-driven. You can avoid such migraines by wearing less perfume.

This problem generally arises when you change bottles. Some perfumes have a strong scent than others. Keeping the number of pumps consistent from a lighter scent when switching to a stronger one can help you with your headache.

Try filling a mini bottle with one-quarter of water and the rest with your perfume. If there is any difference in the intensity of headaches, you may adjust the dilution until you do not have headaches.

2. Elimination

Going perfume-free is a good solution if you experience headaches or other symptoms when exposed to them. Minimize exposure to synthetic chemicals that may be in fragrances. Check the ingredients of any products you use.

3. Substitution

If the intensity of your perfume is not the cause of your headache, then certain VOCs are probably to blame. Another option is to choose VOC-free scents.

Since there is no proven treatment for headaches brought on by scents or chemicals, your best option is to limit your exposure to any such substances. Try to replace certain products that have synthetic substances with more natural alternatives. Synthetic molecules are often more harmful to health and contribute to hypersensitivity for many people.

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