How to maintain a healthy diet & avoid overeating while partying?

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How to maintain a healthy diet & avoid overeating while partying?

With countless cocktails, starters and desserts available, even the healthiest eaters tend to tip towards eating unhealthy at parties. However, with a few simple tips, you can prevent total derailment of your diet and enjoy the party too.

Here are a few tips to help you watch your calories while you party hard-

  • Eat before the party. Don’t starve yourself before the party. Have a hard/soft boiled egg, a fruit, a bowl of salad, a sandwich or grilled chicken before leaving, to avoid binging later at the party.
  • Consider your appetizers to be a meal. If you are gorging on a 400-calorie appetizer, consider it as your meal and don’t think of a real meal again.
  • Survey the buffet before you fill your plate. With so many rich foods around, you may just start piling on the food. But, first know all the options available and decide what to eat. Also, serve yourself smaller portions.
  • Choose a smaller plate to eat. Choose a smaller plate to eat or commit yourself to just one round of the buffet, and also avoid piling food on your plate.
  • Pile up your plate with fruits or vegetable salad. This are rich in fiber and makes you feel full without adding extra calories. Also, do not forget to opt for healthy salad dressings or dips on the side, if possible.
  • Be choosy on what you want to eat. Do not waste calories on eating foods you can have anytime such as chips, fries and dips.
  • Track what you’re eating. Avoid eating mindlessly when the food is spread out in front of you, as you may not realize the calories you’re taking in. Also, avoid making conversation while eating as you may lose track of your intake.
  • Opt for fruit based desserts whenever possible. Since they have fruits they are more healthy. It is also important to opt for smaller servings of desserts and restrict yourself to 1-2 pieces only.
  • Share those calories. Sharing those rich desserts with friends or family will definitely cut down on your calorie consumption.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Also, alternate your drinks with water or any other low-calorie drinks.

Diet Plan

Try to focus on the event and not the food

Spend your time talking to the people, enjoying the music, the company, the ambiance, etc. So, just enjoy, socialize and eat healthy. Focus on friends and the party instead of food and you will end up having a more memorable time.

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