How To Reduce Armpit Fat?- DIY Techniques and exercises

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How To Reduce Armpit Fat?- DIY Techniques and exercises

Not all women know How to Reduce Armpit Fat, although this is a common problem that needs to be addressed. And you can do it yourself, at home, without resorting to the expensive services of cosmetologists and fitness trainers.

But before explaining some tips, let's define some major causes of this problem.

Causes of excess fat in the armpit

If the muscles are not regularly exercised, they will sag and sag. Many other unfavorable factors can also lead to the appearance of folds in the armpit area:

  • Total overweight;
  • Insufficient development of muscle tissue;
  • Low physical activity;
  • Age-related changes in the body;
  • Posture disorders;
  • Improper nutrition;
  • Incorrectly selected bra (with regular wearing).

All these conditions, and even more so their combination, eventually lead to fatty deposits in the armpits. The fight against them will not be effective if the main provoking factor continues to exert its effect.

How to Get Rid Of Armpit Fat?

There are several ways that you can eliminate the fatty tissue in the armpit area. But it would help if you started to be in calorie deficit by excluding foods that contribute to weight gain from the menu. Of course, the diet should not be too strict, as it is dangerous to health, but you still have to impose certain dietary restrictions on yourself.

In addition, you need to exercise, massage, body wraps regularly. All this in a complex will solve the problem as soon as possible.


Massage is a simple procedure that encourages lymphatic flow and circulation, which aid in detoxification and weight loss as well. Combined with a good exercise regimen and a natural whole foods diet, massage can help reduce excess fat and weight in your body:

1. A special warming cream is applied to the skin. This will contribute to the faster burning of subcutaneous fat.

2. Begin by lightly stroking the skin to prepare it for the procedure.

3. Kneading movements, pinching, and patting are applied. In this case, it is necessary to do them intensively enough but not to stretch or injure the skin; otherwise, the result will be exactly the opposite. The procedure is performed correctly is evidenced by a slight tingling sensation and a slight reddening of the skin in this area.

4. Finish the massage with stroking.


A greenhouse effect is created under the film, which promotes the penetration of active substances deeper into the skin.

It is recommended to carry out wraps at least 2-3 times a week. To make a wrap at home, you must first prepare a special mass, which, when applied to the problem area, will burn fat:

  • Coffee. Dilute black clay with water. Then add ground coffee and a couple of drops of orange essential oil.
  • With mineral water. You just need to dilute the clay with mineral water.      Before applying, the mass should be slightly warmed up in a water bath.
  • With mustard. Dilute the blue clay with water, then add 3-4 drops of sweet orange essential oil to the resulting mixture, add a teaspoon of  mustard powder.

Cosmetologists advise focusing on the color of the clay - the darker it is, the more pronounced the fat burning effect will be observed.

The prepared mass is applied to the problem area, after which it is wrapped with cling film, left for an hour. After completing the procedure, it is necessary to remove the film, rinse off the remnants of the product with water, and apply a nourishing cream to the skin.

The wrap with mustard is kept for no more than half an hour, and in case of discomfort, immediately wash it off.

Armpit Fat Workout

Toning your upper arms and the area around your armpits through specific exercises will strengthen your muscles. But losing underarm fat doesn’t have to be just about lifting a weight overhead. There’s a misconception that you can reduce fat in just one area of your body at a time. This concept is often referred to as “spot reduction.”

To achieve a positive result, you need to combine cardio loads with strength exercises. The former help to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, the latter - to strengthen muscles. And all together leads to an optimization of the appearance of the arms in the armpit area.

Here are few exercises that target the upper arms, back, chest, and shoulders. You can combine them with other exercises, including cardio activities, for a full exercise program.

Push ups

If it is hard for you to do push-ups from the floor, first do the exercise from the wall, then from the chair, and gradually move to the standard version.

For push-ups, you need to lie on the floor (for convenience, you can lay a gymnastic mat):

  1. Place your hands as close to your shoulders as possible (as much as possible).
  2. Lean on your toes or knees (the second option is considered simplified) and      raise the body.
  3. Go down, touch the floor with your chest.

The number of repetitions depends on the level of physical fitness, but you should try to do as much as possible.

Ball exercises

Fitball is a multifunctional sports simulator with which you can work out all muscle groups.

Fitball is the simplest projectile, but very effective:

  • The gymnastic ball must be picked up, raised above your head, squeezed as      tightly as possible, and held in this position for 30 seconds.
  • After that, lower your arms so that the ball is at chest level, and your elbows      look to the sides. Repeat again and stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Rest a little, then repeat the exercise.
  • The number of approaches is at least 10 times.

Dumbbell Exercises

No need to choose unnecessarily heavy dumbbells, a weight of 1 kg will be quite enough.

Lifting Dumbbells can help decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, and tone your arms to help them appear slimmer:

  1. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder-width apart, in the hands of dumbbells.
  2. Tilt the body parallel to the floor, spread your arms to the sides so that they are level with the shoulder girdle.
  3. Stay in this position, and then lower your hands.
  4. Repeat at least 10 times.

Elastic Band Exercises

Exercises with elastic bands strengthen muscles, allow them to work deeply and achieve ideal forms.

To perform an exercise with an elastic band, you must:

  1. Sit on the floor and slightly bend your knees.
  2. Place  the middle of the band under the feet and pick up the ends.
  3. Pull the band as much as possible.
  4. Hold in this position for 30 seconds, then lower your hands.
  5. Repeat 10-15 times.

It is quite challenging to carry out all these recommendations regularly; it is a difficult task. But the reward for the work done will be a beautiful and well-toned armpit, which will boost your self-confidence and a good mood.

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