How to Talk About Your Mental Health with Your Employer

  • 22 months ago
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How to Talk About Your Mental Health with Your Employer

Success comes with its own set of challenges. On a practical level, balancing your profession and your employee well-being is quite challenging. As you rise higher, you also face greater pressure to perform, which can result in self-doubt. It's easy to slip into the pitfalls of overthinking, anxiety, and perfectionism when you're shrewd and competent.

Many individuals try to separate job and mental health, yet the two are intertwined.

People with a lot of achievements are sometimes hesitant to seek help because they don't want to appear weak or helpless. It's part of your personality to be capable of "do it all." As a result, you may persuade yourself that you need to stiffen yourself and work even harder, but this will only make matters worse.

Opening up about your mental health might be difficult, but it's critical if your job is negatively impacting your well-being.

To understand how to talk to your employer about your mental health, let’s understand why is it important to raise awareness about your workplace wellness?

Importance of Mental Health at Workplace

Although it is not mandatory to tell your manager how you are feeling, if you don't, you may be prevented from the assistance you require, such as time off, work-from-home facilities, flexible hours, or availability to other corporate resources. Furthermore, if you don't tell your supervisor about your mental health issues, he or she may not realize why you are less productive on some days.

Understanding the characteristics and requirements of one's employees is essential for workplace wellness. Employers may want to know how to keep their employees from burning out, and what they can do to create a cohesive, compassionate, and effective workforce.

Now, we know what to do when things go out of control at your workplace? And why is it important to talk about it? Let’s see how to move further and talk to your employer about it.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Health Issues

Step 1: Consult Your Work Buddy (If You Want)

If you’re not sure about having a direct conversation with your boss, try talking and discussing your employee well-beingsituation with your work buddy.

Having them so you can check in with them regularly and who knows your job and the work environment might be beneficial.

Step 2: Think Before You Meet Your Boss

Think twice before sharing your information in the 1st place. Consider what exact support do you require? Wait, before rushing in to the situation and analyzing your situation.

Step 3: Choose the Best Time/ Place

It's advisable to approach your boss on a day when the office is less stressful or calm. Talk to your boss where you can talk in a calm & composed way. Getting your boss outside of the office might give you both a fresh perspective on how you’re feeling.

Step 4: Just Go For It

Always remember, discussing your mental health doesn’t have to be daunting or challenging. Share only what is needed, remember your head is not your therapist or an acquaintance.

Step 5: Make Yourself a Priority

Before actually talking to your employer, you can ask your friend to have a similar conversation to make you feel less anxious and more relaxed.

Be sure that you take care of yourself outside your work too, as it contributes to your better mental health and your well-being.

Wrap Up

In the corporate, everybody faces stress, burn-outs, or mental health issues. And everybody is allowed to discuss it with their employers openly. You just need to keep a few things in mind, before making a move for your better mental health

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