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How To Teach First Aid To Children?

How To Teach First Aid To Children?

First aid is the quick and correct help rendered to someone who is sick or injured. Teaching first aid to children is important as it may be required at any time. Here are a few tips that help you teach first aid to your child:

• Explain to your child why first aid is important. Make It a fun activity so that your child can enjoy and learn more efficiently.

• Watch videos about first aid with your child. Explain to them the parts of the body and encourage them to ask questions.

• Show them a first aid kit and tell them what each item is and what it's used for.

• Write down a manual on first aid basics. Write it in simple language for your kids to understand. You could even draw pictures. Keep the manual easily accessible.

• Give your relatives' and neighbors' numbers to your child. In case of an emergency, it may come to use, if your number is not reachable. Also, inform a neighbor/relative if you have to leave your child alone at home.


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