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Humor: The Best Stress Buster!

Humor: The Best Stress Buster!

At times, nothing brings more relief than laughing at ego-inflated, self-important stress carriers - you know, the so-called high and mighty who never seem to get ulcers, just to give them. But, in fact, the most powerful form of humor as "good medicine" and as a sign of psychological well-being and maturity is likely the ability to gently poke fun and laugh at ourselves. This capacity for tickling and embracing our flaws and foibles means self-awareness is stronger than judgmental "shoulds," that self-acceptance is more powerful than shame or blame.

Some strategies for bringing more humour to your life:

• Exaggerate your flaws; periodically turn the incongruous into the silly. If you appear serious, mock yourself. People will realise the fun person inside you!

• During a work meeting, arm participants with a squeeze doll or animal that makes a whining, bleating or growling sound as a way of raising an objection or point of disagreement.

• Don't just watch a good comedy sitcom (though watching as a family or with a group of friends can heighten the wondrous effect), try your hand at writing or telling stories of embarrassing moments.

• Learn to "reframe" reality. Follow the example of Edmund Rostand. Upon turning seventy-five, the French dramatist and poet, gazed into a mirror and opined: "Mirrors just aren't what they used to be."

• Take humor breaks. Read old Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side collections. Watch a David Dhawan film. The silly stuff really de-stresses you!


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