Join #IBEATCOVID Initiative on The Wellness Corner App | Help India Beat COVID-19

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Join #IBEATCOVID Initiative on The Wellness Corner App | Help India Beat COVID-19

India’s massive surge in Covid-19 cases, new strains, and diseases like Mucormycosis has puzzled everyone. Different people are representing different reactions towards Covid-19, for some people the virus is highly terrifying while some are contributing to the crime against humanity by treating it leniently. Ignoring the current situation would be utter foolishness but one should not let fear turn into a phobia. It’s important to know when to draw the line so that your courage stays intact, which is only possible when you are well informed.

Start by gathering reliable information instead of following a grapevine pattern. Stop absorbing everything you see or hear on social media or any medium for that matter. Half knowledge is dangerous so evaluate the sources critically, ask yourself if it makes sense? Already sensed your curiosity, let’s clarify  ‘BUT HOW?’ part.


You can cope up with any situation if you become aware and implement the information in the right way. It’s time for your conscience to wake up! We are here to lift your spirits and help you overcome this period via a new initiative #IBEATCOVID.

The virus can affect us in many strange ways but we can minimize the damage if we take control of the virus before it takes control of us. We can contribute a bit by taking care of ourselves which in turn can equip us better to take care of others as well.

How To Join?

IBEATCOVID is to support you during the COVID-19 outbreak and now it’s your chance to grab this opportunity to switch off the panic mode and gain the most out of it by joining this initiative. You can do so by following these simple steps-

#1 Download The Wellness Corner app from Google Play store or Apple store.

#2 Register and set up the app by providing necessary information and completing Health Risk Assessment.

#3 Next, tap on the second tab in the bottom tab bar

#4 You will be navigated to My Circles section. Now open “The Wellness Corner” circle or your companies’ circle if you are an existing corporate user.

#5 Join the initiative by attending sessions, webinars and make the most out of Covid-19 resources shared in the respective circles. If you are one of the Covid-19 survivors, share your recovery story and help others benefit from your experience.

How Will IBEATCOVID Initiative Help You?

IBEATCOVID initiative will help you enhance your safety and balance your health physically and mentally in three simple ways-

#1 Prevention- The program will emphasize on ways to slow down the spread of coronavirus pandemic and precautions one must take to protect themselves. For instance- by now you must be aware of the foods that boost immunity but do you know what might prevent it from declining? Give it a thought.

#2 Positivity- Covid-19 has made it difficult for all of us to find motivation by disrupting our daily lives and wiring our brains towards the threat. Maintaining positivity is challenging but not impossible if our intentions are firm. Reduce stress and anxiety, learn powerful ways to stay positive during the pandemic with us.

#3 Care- If you are taking care of yourself or a loved one, you need to know it all - The hooks and crooks, ifs and buts, to be able to take the correct steps. Join various care intended sessions, engage with wellness experts to gain clarity, and discover new ways to beat the virus.

Our Efforts

Our wellness experts are dedicating their time and efforts, taking this as a responsibility to contribute to the collective effort by ensuring the well-being of as many people as possible.

Explore our COVID-19 section especially curated to help you with related resources, blogs, tips, and updates tailored by our therapists, fitness coaches, doctors, and nutritionists/dietitians. You can consult them on The Wellness Corner app via chat/audio call/video call.

Online wellness services like health packages, tests from home, Covid-19 vaccination slot finder and many more safety enablers are being constantly made available for everyone so that you can take care of yourself at the comfort of your place and at the same time adhere to safety guidelines.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” ― Dr. Seuss

Realize your value, take care of yourselves! There’s nothing more valuable than the life you are blessed with. Save the world from another mass destruction by saving yourself! #IndiaFightsCorona

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