Impact Of Video Games On Children

  • 40 months ago
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Impact Of Video Games On Children

Video games have been a subject of argument amongst the leading professionals regarding their restriction and prohibition as in other forms of media. Video games cannot be just blamed for its bad effects on children. This has both positive and negative effects on players. Let us first speak on the positive effects of video games-

Positive effects
•It provides fun and entertainment value by reducing the stress level in children and parents.
•It helps to learn essential skills and brings in thinking abilities.
•It gives them a sense of achievement which helps them build his/her self-confidence.
•Develops problem solving skills and help them to handle complex situations.
•It promotes logical skills, math skills, multi taking etc.

Though video games may have a positive effect on children, it also brings in aggressive and addictive behaviors'. Many parents worry, no doubt, for its negative effects on their children, which are listed below-

Negative effects
•Makes your kid socially isolated.
•It encourages the sedentary lifestyle on children's health, which can lead to childhood obesity.
•Attention problems like ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).
•It is a risk factor for physically aggressive behavior.
•Family interaction problems such as less positive parental relation

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