Importance of vaccination (immunization) for children

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Importance of vaccination (immunization) for children

It is a scary feeling when you take your kids for immunization. There are so many thoughts and doubts that revolve in parents' minds. 15-20% of parents feel anxious and stressed when they watch their newly born getting jabbed with that immunization vaccine in their soft skin. Maybe you are already one of those. Maybe you saw those fake news on TV or mendacious rumors on social media that made you put off the idea of immunizing your young ones, despite the doctor assuring you that your kid needs to get vaccinated.

Experts quote that- “Parents have a lot of questions about the immunization process, and even parents who chose to vaccinate have concerns.” According to a study- “One-fifth of parents reported high-level concern with the safety of childhood immunizations.”

Why do parents hesitate when it comes to vaccination?

Vaccines can indeed have side effects, but they are mild and go away soon. There are hardly any shreds of reports that complain of any complications. Some people connect autism with vaccination side effects probably because autism symptoms appear at a very early stage (near to the time when kids are vaccinated). The truth is there is no such link between the both.

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Reasons to support vaccination of children

1] Vaccines prepare the children's bodies and give them a “sneak peek” of an infection. It teaches the body how it should be acting if they catch any virus or disease. This way the fighting mechanism of the body gets stronger so there is nothing to hesitate about. The whole point is to keep your kids away from sickness and vaccines fulfill the purpose.

2] Some babies are too small that they cannot get vaccinated (like Covid-19 vaccines) or are too fragile due to underlying allergies. As such immunization can prevent them from getting an infection and also prevent them to become a carrier. It will protect the baby as well as others around them.

3] If your child is vaccinated you can be at relief because you won't have to keep them in daycare facilities and make doctor visits now and then. Prolonged diseases can take a financial toll due to a long list of medical bills. Vaccination for children is usually covered under the insurance plan. It saves unnecessary wastage of time or any uncertain financial loss.

4] Vaccination can save your future generation as many infections and diseases that seriously affected previous generations got wiped out when inoculated.

Additional important pointers

1] Some vaccines are only meant for specific situations like animal bites or mandatory vaccination while traveling overseas.

2] Parents need to adhere to a proper vaccination schedule recommended by their kid’s health care provider.

3] In case you feel that the side effects are getting critical, do not panic. Immediately consult a doctor. Each body is different, and so are the effects of vaccination.

Bottom line

We are in the midst of the Covid-19 and Dengue epidemic. Parents are the most concerned of all, and it is normal to be afraid at such a time, but what needs to be understood is that vaccines are the savior and should not be confused with the botch. There is a mountain of misinformation out there; the more you’ll explore; the more you’ll puzzle up. Thus, be wise and please clarify all your doubts by consulting a doctor on THE WELLNESS CORNER.

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