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Is Feeding Becoming Painful??

Is Feeding Becoming Painful??

Breast feeding is a unique experience for the mother which bonds the child with her. But, if breastfeeding starts to hurt you, will you be able to enjoy the experience? No. Breastfeeding can become painful due to various reasons. Let's look at some of the complications of breast feeding and how to tackle them:

1. Sore nipples: This is becoming a common problem among nursing mothers. It is the cracking of the nipples which causes intense pain while feeding. The reason for this maybe wrong feeding position or poor latching of the baby to the breast, nipple blister or improper use of breast pump. This can be healed by improving latching, trying different feeding positions and by applying ice before feeding. Also, let your nipples dry completely after feeding. Talk to your gynecologist to get proper treatment, if severe.

2. Engorgement: It is a sense of fullness of breasts. This happens when the there is an over-production of milk or when feeding is not sufficient. This can be painful if the milk is not expelled. Frequent feeding is necessary to avoid engorgement.

3. Clogged ducts: It is the red, tender lumps in your breasts that often pain when touched. It occurs when milk is not removed completely from the breasts. It may even occur if you wear tight undergarments. It is important to feed the baby with the breast with lump first to remove it. Also, massage the lump gently to soften it and move it.

4. Mastitis: It is the inflammation of the breasts caused due to infection. It causes swelling, redness, pain and warmth of the breasts. In some cases, it is accompanied with fever and nausea. Visit your doctor if you find any such symptoms.

These are some of the most common complications during breast feeding. Though they are painful, try not to stop feeding your baby as it will deprive your baby of nutrients and increase your symptoms, thus, making it more painful.


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