Is Too Much Screen Time Harmful to Our Eyes?

  • 18 months ago
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Is Too Much Screen Time Harmful to Our Eyes?

Many people find themselves spending more time at home than ever before, relying on the television, video games, computers, and phones to keep them occupied. Is all this screen time harmful to our eyes?

Too Much Screen Time Has Negative Effects

Eye strain can be caused by gazing at a screen for too long. When staring at blue light from a screen, you tend to blink less, and the movement on the screen makes your eyes work harder to focus. We don't always place the screen at the correct distance or angle, which leads to strain. All of these factors combine to have a long-term impact on vision, especially in children.

Digital eye strain is a term used to describe a group of vision and eye disorders caused by continuous screen usage on a computer, tablet, e-reader, or mobile phone. When they look at digital screens for long periods, many people develop eye irritation and eyesight issues. The duration of time spent in front of a digital screen appears to be proportional to the level of discomfort.

The following are some of the possible side effects of screen time.

● Eye tiredness: Excessive usage of your eyes can cause double vision, headaches, and focus problems.

● Dry eye: When looking at a screen, you tend to blink less. It causes your eyes to get dry and irritated, might harm your eye health, and create poor vision.

● Other symptoms include the following.

○ Damage to the retina

○ Short-sightedness

○ Flexibility issues and loss of focus

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Safe When You Spend Too Much Time Staring at a Screen

You can take simple precautions to lower your risk of eye strain or damage and improve eye function.

1. Rolling Your Eyes

Rolling your eyes is a fantastic way to relieve eye fatigue. It also serves as an exercise for your eye muscles if done frequently. The workout will strengthen your eyes in the same way as lifting weights strengthens your muscles.

2. Cupping Your Eyes

Cupping your eyes is an excellent eye-strengthening exercise. When your eyes are fatigued, it also calms them.

Begin by cupping your hands over your closed eye sockets. Try to “focus” on the darkness. The numerous leftover colors in your vision will gradually fade to dark. Perform this basic workout for at least 30 seconds. It refreshes your eyes and acts as a vision reset button.

3. Light Pressure

Place all your fingers on your eyelids and press lightly. Hold them in place for around 10 seconds. Allow your eyes to remain close. Then, slowly reopen your eyes and wait until your vision returns to normal. You can assist your eyes by blinking a little. Repeat this exercise ten times for long-lasting relief.

4. Palming Your Eyes

It is one of the most effective eye workouts for weary, damaged eyes. Your palms are like a portable heated eye compress. Rub the palms of your hands together until they are warm. You can also warm them up by soaking them in hot water for a few seconds.

Then, close your eyes and place both palms over your eyelids. The warmth will softly warm your eyes. The muscles around your eyes will begin to relax. Hold your palms over your eyes until the warming sensation is gone. For optimum results, repeat once or twice a day.

5. Zooming

It is another excellent eye exercise for strain relief. Zooming is ideal for people who spend their days at work staring at a computer screen. Sit in a chair in a good posture. Extend your arm straight out in front of you with your thumb raised.

Maintain your focus on your thumb and bring it closer to your eyes by slowly bending your elbow. Repeat this a few times a day for relief.

6. Figure of 8

Stand in the upright position with your feet flat on the floor. Kneel with your hands flat on the ground. Then, with your thumb pointing up, extend your right hand straight out in front of you. Look at your thumb while keeping your head motionless.

Trace a figure 8 in the air with your thumb while maintaining your arm completely straight. For a total of 5 repetitions, move in both a clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Then, repeat the exercise with your left thumb.

7. Blinking

One of the negative consequences of staring at screens all day is that we do not blink as often as we should. Blinking is necessary because it keeps our eyes well lubricated. The workout is beneficial to your ocular health and is a great technique to revive weary, irritated, and dry eyes.

Look at a blank wall in front of you. Close your eyes slowly, for a half-second. Then, gradually reopen them. Repeat this slow blinking exercise a total of 20 times. With each blink, your eyes will become more refreshed and immediately feel more lubricated.

8. The 20-20-20 Rule

It is a helpful tool for reducing digital eye strain. The guidelines are simple: while working on a computer, a person must glance at anything 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

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