Keep The Magic Alive!

  • 111 Months ago
Keep The Magic Alive!

Is the sense of magic in your relationship becoming replaced by a tedious sense of heavy commitment and plain friendship?

It is possible that the passion and attraction has gotten buried under the challenges, responsibilities and obligations that 'being a couple' brings. To regain what you once had, don't be lazy to try the following, lest you enter the friend zone you worked so hard to avoid.
To improvise on a wise saying: "The couple that plays together stays together".

Have a candlelight dinner:
You find the idea of candlelight dinners and moon watching very funny? - But modify it to match your partner. It could be spiriting them away to a great view of the city, and packing a tasty dinner, or dragging them out of bed to photograph birds at dawn. Click your best pictures as if you are clicking for the first time.

Compliment your partner front of other people:
This is something you must have done in the beginning of your relationship. But let me tell you it should be done all over your life if you are serious about your present relationship. Your praising can make your partner feel great and make you fall in love again.

Surprise your partner with kindness:
Surprise them with a good massage for no particular reason. Hide the surprise gift in the places where they usually operate on, may be wardrobe, kitchen, TV, or near laptop. Message your partner on their cell phone with a kind message to make them feel great and praised. If it's not too early in the relationship, do one of their daily chores.

Play a romantic song:
Songs will make us feel smooth, nice and romantic. It may also make us rejuvenate the time we spent together and to think how nice it was. The old memories can make us feel good and move with happiness. Pull your partner for a dance that can make you both feel great.

Cook their favorite dish:
Cook the most favorite dish as a surprise and feed them. It may sound tedious, but it makes your partner feel really great. If you are not a great cook, order from the best restaurant in the city.

"Love is hard but Important. Be the magician in your relationship!"