Know how to be mindful at work!

  • 19 months ago
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Know how to be mindful at work!

For most people, work is like a pressure cooker. Even if the job is less demanding, there's still an aspect of stress. Work comes with high expectations, tough tasks and requires fine results. Practicing mindfulness at work soothes and calms the body. It improves one's ability to work effectively and produce great results. Even when stress strikes, instead of getting besieged, it helps one to confront challenges head-on.

Here are a few ways to bring more mindfulness at work:

• Find time to unplug. Limit cellphone, social networking and email checking
• Keep a clutter-free desk and work on one task at a time
• Take regular short breaks- breathe, drink water or take a walk
• Have clarity of purpose as it makes it easier to see whether whatever you're doing is taking you towards or away from the purpose
• Eat mindfully and get away from your desk
• Pay attention to what others say - listen intently
• Take some time at the end of the day for self-reflection. Practice noticing without judging

Remember, the more you practice mindfulness, the more likely it is to become your default way of being at work and you will notice measurable differences in your outcomes!

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