Know How To Manage Your Mood Swings

  • 49 months ago
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Know How To Manage Your Mood Swings

Many of us experience powerful moods in response to the events that occur in lives. Our moods play a vital role in how we live our lives. Mood swings have the strange ability to make you feel totally out of control. Some of the symptoms of mood swings include fatigue, irritability, depression and insomnia.

When mood swings affect your daily life, it's time to take control of your mood swings; here are a few ways to manage your mood swings:

• Address any life situation that may be contributing to your mood swings
• Observe how you feel from day to day and recognize the triggers that set off variations in your mood
• Limit your caffeine intake
• Avoid drinking alcohol
• Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night
• Distract yourself by doing something that you enjoy
• Talk about it to someone you trust
• Avoid illicit drugs
• Drink plenty of water throughout the day
• Exercise for at least 30 minutes
• Take deep breaths
• Write down how you're feeling, this could lead to the source of the problem

If you feel your moods swings have become unrelenting and are affecting your daily life, contact your doctor for a proper evaluation!

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