Learn A Language To Improve Memory

  • 3 months ago
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Learn A Language To Improve Memory

A new research done in Europe shows that the ability to speak more than 2 languages might have a protective effect on memory in seniors.  We Indians are lucky to have many languages spoken across one nation.  The diversity in languages might prove beneficial for our health, if we go by this study.

Although many people suffer from short-term or long-term memory loss, the average age for memory loss (forgetfulness) is decreasing.  This might be due to changes in lifestyle and use of problem-solving gadgets like calculators, computers, translators, etc.

Other research studies have shown that people can improve their cognitive abilities by eating right, regular exercise, adequate sleep and brain exercises.  Some examples of brain exercises are solving math problems, learning a language, quiz games, puzzles, word building, etc.

So don't throw away the crossword or sudoku page in your newspaper.....they are there for a good reason!  And the next time you want to calculate something, use your smart brain and not the calculator!!

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