Detox Diet Plan Post-Festivity

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Detox Diet Plan Post-Festivity

We're all back at work after the joyous holidays, and we've all probably gained a few pounds from all the eating. Or, as a result of bad habits, we ruined our health (Maybe, we just forgot to take care of it during festivities). But it's the guilt that follows the festivities that haunts us day and night. So, how are we going to get back on track?

The good news is that you can knock off the excess weight that you have gained in the last few days, with some effort from your side. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will not only help you shed the extra pounds but also help you recover your overall health that may have been compromised due to the festive days.

Here are a few simple ways to get back to track post-festival:

  1. Hydrate Yourself- Drink 2 extra glasses of water on all the festival days without fail.
  2. Include salads- Try to chip in 2 bowls of raw salad throughout the day (anytime you want).
  3. Go high on fiber- Make sure you include fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet as fiber helps in reducing cholesterol and constipation, maintains weight, and keeps you away from eating junk.
  4. Choose healthy cooking methods- Go for baked & steamed snacks instead of fried ones.
  5. Cut down on sugar- Replace artificial sweeteners like sugar, and aspartame with natural sugar like maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, and figs.
  6. Choose pure and healthy Fats-Use pure ghee instead of Vanaspati, and remember do not overuse them...!
  7. Stay active- Find out ways to burn the extra calories that you consumed throughout the festive days. Walk as much as possible; take the stairs instead of the elevators; hit the gym again and keep yourself active.

Gained Weight During Festivals?

Forget crash diets to lose weight. Concentrate on eating healthy and exercising regularly.

  • Write down your goal for weight loss.
  • Be realistic. It's not possible to drop several pounds in a few days.(although it's easy to gain them!).
  • Remove all treats and tempting foods from your kitchen and refrigerator.
  • Stock plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, dry fruits, and other healthy foods.
  • Purchase foods that are low in fat and sugar.
  • Avoid junk foods completely.
  • Drink plenty of fluids during the day.
  • Divert your attention when you see high-calorie foods that tempt you.

Walk, walk, and walk - in your home, in the office, to the bus stop, to the grocery store, to your colleague's desk, up and down the stairs, and everywhere possible.


Diet Plan




Early Morning

(7:00 am)

Lemon Water/ Ginger Cucumber Detox Water/ Amla Juice

Almonds and Walnuts

Flax Seeds / Chia Seeds

1 Glass

5 No.

1 Tsp


(9:00 am)

Vegetable Poha/ Scrambled Eggs/ Spinach Corn Sandwich

Strawberry Smoothie / Plain Milk

1 Bowl/ 2 No.

1 Glass

Mid-Morning Snack

(11:30 am)

Whole Fruits

1 Whole


(2:00 pm)

Broccoli Salad with Sesame Seeds / Cabbage Salad

Legume Curry / Fish Curry

Green Leafy Vegetable / Bell Pepper Vegetable

Brown Rice (Steamed)/ Barley Chapatti

Curd/ Plain Yogurt

1 Bowl

1 Bowl

1 Bowl

1 Bowl / 2 No.

1 Bowl

Evening Snack

(5:00 pm)

Turmeric Tea / Fruit Infused Detox Water / Beetroot Juice

Roasted Peanuts/ Brussel Sprouts / Mixed Seeds

1 Cup / 1 Glass

1 Bowl / 1Tsp


(8:00 pm)

Cauliflower Soup / Milk Thistle Leaves Salad

Lentil Curry / Chicken Curry

Bottle Gourd Vegetable/ Pumpkin Vegetable

Multigrain Roti/ Bran Roti/ Daliya

1 Bowl

1 Bowl

1 Bowl

2 No. / 1 Bowl

Post Dinner

(10:00 pm)

Green Tea/ Black Coffee / Turmeric Milk

1 Cup/ 1 Glass

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Diet Plan

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