Managing Adult ADHD

  • 26 months ago
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Managing Adult ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults can lead to a number of problems including unstable relationships, poor work or school performance and low self esteem. But how can an adult with ADHD difficulties move past these roadblocks to enjoy a less stressful life?

Here are a few tips that will help you stay on track at home or at work:

• Learn about ADHD by reading books or joining support groups. The more you learn about your diagnosis, the more prepared you will be to handle any daily difficulties.
• Creating to-do lists with deadlines can help people with ADHD be more productive. Controlling external distractions can also help them concentrate better on the task in hand. The brain of a person with ADHD tends to work better when it is stimulated such as moving, chewing, listening to music and other activities can help the brain focus and work smarter. Make it a point to set aside 5 to 10 minutes a day to clear all the clutter from your desk and organize your paperwork before you start your work.
• Make time for exercise everyday as exercise helps increase one's attention and focus thereby decreasing excess energy and helps fight symptoms of depression.
• Diet can affect your mood and behaviour, hence it's important that you eat healthy and avoid foods that you have a negative reaction to.
• Find people who accept you and feel comfortable around.
• Take time everyday to unwind by doing something you enjoy.
• Think before you act. Adults with ADHD tend to struggle with impulsive speech and actions, take a minute to stop and think before you overreact or act out inappropriately.
• Get enough sleep as lack of sleep can make you feel tired, thus affecting your attention span, memory and complex problem solving capacity.

If your impulsive behaviour and hyperactivity disrupts your life, contact a mental health professional at the earliest!

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