Managing Heart Health During the Pandemic

  • 14 months ago
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Managing Heart Health During the Pandemic

Metabolic chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and compromised heart health have aggravated health risks during the pandemic.

More than ever before, we have understood the necessity to maintain overall well-being to protect against deadly viruses, including the COVID-19 virus.

The question remains, how can we set out a series of rules to adapt to be free of any complications? In this article, we present some tips to maintain and manage heart health and keep the ill effects of the virus at bay.

Follow a Heart-healthy Diet

It is not new for patients with heart problems to follow a strict diet plan. Include the following foods in your meal plan and inculcate healthy habits.

● Nuts, beans, legumes

● Lean meat

● Lots of fruits and vegetables

● Whole grains

● Plant-based oils, such as olive oil

● Low-fat dairy products

Note that one of the best foods for heart patients is fish. Pick the right kind of fish high in omega-3. It will help to keep your cholesterol levels in check and promote vascular health.

In a word, it is mandatory to keep your immunity as strong as possible, and you can start by focusing on your heart health first.

Manage Your Stress Levels

The ongoing pandemic has raised the tension and anxiety of all of us. We cannot predict when we could contract the virus and witness our health deteriorating massively.

However, what we can take care of is our well-being. Even though heart patients are more susceptible to the side effects of the virus, you can take certain preventive measures.

With a calm mind, you can ensure your blood pressure is regulated. It lessens the risk of any heart-related disorders.

Follow these techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a strong heart

● Do mild to moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.

● Abstain from alcohol and caffeine.

● Stop smoking.

● Meditate or do yoga every day.

● Install health apps to monitor your heart condition regularly.

Why Is Keeping a Check on Your Health Status Vital?

Many prolonged diseases can lead to critical health conditions. Most of the time, chronic problems in the heart may show no apparent signs and symptoms. Therefore, you should monitor heart health regularly to detect any possible abnormalities.

Moreover, the coronavirus poses a significant threat to patients who have a lower immunity level, including heart patients. Thus, you can only minimize the possibility of COVID-19 with proper vigilance and care.

Feasibility of Apps for a Healthier Life

Many apps like The Wellness Corner have been developed to help you manage your health

The Wellness Corner app can serve as the bridge to your heart health by providing the following app-based services.

● Nutritional guidance

● Health risk assessment

● Chronic disease care

● Home health tests

● Elderly care

● Provision for nurses

● Routine check-ups

● Telemedicine and teleconsultation

Moreover, we can conduct screenings and tests such as lipid profile, diabetes profile, and hemogram tests at your doorstep!

Final Words

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, health threats have risen, but there has also been a remarkable rise in their management. It is beneficial to take up various health strategies to build up your immunity.

Do not deviate from your regular health check-ups because there is a virus in the air. Remember that the government and healthcare professionals are maintaining protocols to manage the virus.

You should make taking proper care of your health a primary goal. Further, ensure to seek virtual assistance from doctors if the situation is not critical. Visit clinics and hospitals if there is a significant health problem, following the crucial practices of maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing.

At the end of the day, COVID-19 is a new virus, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your heart health should be a constant priority and never be compromised. We at Truworth can help to manage your heart health with our app-based services, through which one can conduct diagnostic tests like lipid profile to keep your heart health in check.

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