Fear of Marriage? Signs That Your Partner Has It

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Fear of Marriage? Signs That Your Partner Has It

You're close to your partner but the thought of commitment gives you 'cold feet'. We understand that marriage is certainly one of the major decisions of anyone's life but if you or your partner is escaping from such discussions for a long time, it's time to accept that it can be commitment or marriage phobia. If this has got you curious or thinking, it's time to learn about the concept of marriage phobia thoroughly with this article:

What is gamophobia?

Gamophobia is the combination of the Greek word Gamos (for marriage) and phobia (fear), which is also known as the fear of marriage or commitment. It is a specific phobia that can cause an overwhelming, persistent, and unreasonable fear of attachment. If you think it's just reluctance, well, this fear can be paralyzing. It can be the result of witnessing negative marriage experiences in one's family or close circle. Taking responsibility for another individual can be daunting for some people that's why they prefer to stay alone.

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Symptoms of Gamophobia

People with gamophobia or marriage phobia can have both psychological or physical symptoms. The symptoms of gamophobia include:

The psychological symptoms of marriage phobia include:

  • Intense panic or anxiety about commitment or marriage
  • Shame or guilt fearing commitment or marriage
  • Lack of control on marriage or commitment fear
  • Identification of excessive fear of commitment or marriage
  • An unusual sense of doom, dread, or worry about the idea of commitment or marriage

Fear of attachment or marriage may lead to disruption in your romantic relationships. Consult a doctor if you're facing any kind of abnormalities in current relationships. You can assist your partner with the intervention technique or reclaiming the relationship.

Reasons Behind The Fear of Marriage

Growing up in a family where you might have experienced an unhappy relationship is one of the major reasons for gamophobia. If you're living alone for a long time and have got habitual of this life, the idea of sharing time and your space can also generate this fear feeling. Moreover, being raised in a happy family can also cause gamophobia as you might think that you won't be able to meet those high expectations. The idea of a failed relationship or divorce can be threatening your emotions which is why you have been running from marriages for a long time. Additionally, the traditional practices including asking for the parent's permission, weddings, or engagements can also turn the fear feeling in an individual.

Dealing With Marriage Phobia

Remember, it's fine to be not ready for a life long commitment. However, to overcome your fears, you will need willpower and trust while maintaining your self-confidence. Here are few tips that you can follow to deal with your marriage phobia:

  • Avoid the negative family activities around you and do not be biased.
  • Know your partner and yourself thoroughly.
  • Start sharing your time and space with your companion.
  • Know that marriage doesn't mean the dissolution of your individuality.
  • Define your expectations from marriage and communicate them with your partner.
  • Find out what fuels up your fear.

You can also opt for gamophobia or marriage phobia treatments such as exposure therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.


Don't stress too much as acceptance is the first stage towards lasting change. Just believe in yourself and interact with your partner openly regarding your marriage phobia. Consult with an expert therapist virtually with The Wellness Corner to find out the best ways to cope up with your marriage phobia or gamophobia. Remember, love is not bound with one way to express it, if your partner is not stressing about marriage or commitment, you can take it easy.

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