Matka Water: Is It Good or Bad?

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Matka Water: Is It Good or Bad?

For many people, drinking water from matka (clay pot or earthen pot) is not something new. The tradition of storing water in matka in Indian homes has been happening for centuries. In rural areas of India, people still utilize matka for catering drinking water. Nowadays, people prefer refrigerator water over matka water which is not even good for their health. Though the fact that matka keeps the water naturally cool, it has various health benefits. It's okay if you were unaware of this fact, which is why we have outlined the benefits of a clay pot or matka in this article especially for you.

Benefits of Matka Water

Some Indians still utilize matka even after owning a refrigerator because of the nostalgia practice and taste associated with it. Water stored in matka is as effective and safe as RO water. However, it is proven that clay pots or matka water is useful for health purposes in many ways during the summer season. Below are mentioned few of them:

#1. Prevent Heat Strokes

The minerals and vitamins of matka waters help improve overall health while minimizing heat strokes. It assists in cooling off your body during the summer and prevents excessive heat problems.

#2. Alkaline Properties

Clay consists of alkaline properties that help soothe the pH level of your body while keeping the gastric and acidity issues at bay.

#3. Treats Sore Throats

Earthen pot or matka water is an excellent remedy to soothe a sore throat. Fridge water often is too cold and room temperature water often is too hot to consume. Whereas, clay pot or matka water contains nutrients and keeps the water temperature not too cold and not too hot which directly minimizes any respiratory issues and bad throat.

#4. Improve Digestion & Metabolism

Hydration plays a vital role in improving your gut health and increasing your metabolism. As clay or matka stored water doesn't contain any chemicals, it helps keep you hydrated and assists in improving your overall digestion system.

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How Matka Keeps The Water Cool?

We all sometimes wonder how the matka keeps the water cool beside the other pots. Well, let's discuss the scientific logic behind it. The mechanism of matka is done in a way when you pour water into it, matka absorbs some water to keep its wall moist. The outer heat evaporates that moisture on the pot while keeping the stored water cool comparative to the external temperature. Yes, that's the magical logic behind matka or earthen pots and helps them cool down the water temperature for a longer period.

RO Water In Matka

Opt for RO or filtered water to fill your clay pot or matka to prevent any sort of infection. You can also fill it with boiled water if required and when the water meets room temperature, store it in your cool surahi and matka.

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How To Pick Right Matka?

As we can explore the wide variety of clay pots or matkas in the market, it can be really difficult to choose the right matka. The most effective matka are the ones that contain mica particles, all known as 'Micaceous Clay Pot'. It consists of mica element which is an insulator known for maintaining the cold temperature of water for a longer period of time.


After reading so many benefits of the clay pot, earthen pot, or matka, you might get one matka since it gives a bunch of advantages with minimal investment. Keeping yourself hydrated in the best ways is essential to stay physically and mentally fit. In case of any health issues, don't interpret the disease yourself and consider a doctor consultation (audio/video/chat) with The Wellness Corner. Maintain a healthy diet by getting a personalized meal plan with our expert dieticians to improve your quality of life.

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