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Nosebleeds - What To Do?

Nosebleeds - What To Do?

Nosebleeds, also called epistaxis, are common in children. They are caused due to a lot of reasons which includes dry and crusty mucous membrane, frequent nose picking, infection, dry or cold weather or frequent colds.

So what should you do when your child's nose starts bleeding? Here are a few things that you can do:

• Make your child sit up straight. Avoid making him lie down as blood pressure in the head increases which makes bleeding harder to stop.
• Ask your child to lean forward a little to avoid blood flow to the throat.
• Remove visible blood and ask your child to blow softly to a tissue.
• Pinch the nostrils with your thumb and forefinger and hold it for 10 minutes.
• If the bleeding does not stop, take him to a doctor.
• Prevent your child from picking his/her nose or playing rough games for a few days.
• Apply petroleum jelly on the inside of the nose to avoid crusting.
• Trim your child's nail to avoid wounds in the nose.

So, the next time your child has a nosebleed, do not worry! Follow these steps and teach your child too!


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