Overnight oats vs Cooked Oats: Why you need to make the switch today

  • 23 months ago
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Overnight oats vs Cooked Oats: Why you need to make the switch today

Among all the things the past few years have taught us, taking care of our health has become the biggest priority. We have been made to take charge of our own food consumption, diets and cooking. Not only do we need to look after our daily nutrient consumption, but we also need something that doesn’t demand us to spend hours standing in the kitchen. This is where overnight oats come to save the day! These are fiber-rich oatmeal, soaked overnight in either milk, water or yoghurt, ready to be eaten straight from the jar the next morning. It is one of the tastiest ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. For people pursuing weight management, count this oatmeal as a life-changing messiah.

While a majority of people consume cooked oatmeals, there are a lot of reasons why a shift to overnight oatmeal as a healthy breakfast can change your life.

What is the difference between overnight oatmeal and cooked oatmeal?

One of the most obvious and most noticeable differences between the two is the difference in the temperature of the final product. This temperature difference, however, contributes to making the overnight oatmeal a healthier option. The soaking of the oatmeal breaks down the starch thus making digestion easier and allowing more nutrient absorption. Another thing is the fact that as opposed to the cooked oatmeals since overnight oatmeals are not boiled they retain more nutrients. Overnight oatmeals also incorporate raw oats unlike cooked oatmeals, which use instant oats and therefore making it relatively more nutritious.

The benefits of overnight oatmeal

One of the foremost benefits of this oatmeal lies in the very process of making it. As discussed in the previous section, the soaking and temperature make it retain nutrients better. Overnight oats retain its fiber content better, keeping you full and energetic for a long period. People aiming at weight management can draw many benefits from this aspect of oatmeal. It also is a great heart-friendly, healthy breakfast, which would contribute significantly to its ability of regulating blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It also improves insulin levels in the body, thus making it almost the best healthy breakfast option for people with Type-2 diabetes. One of the winning benefits is how much time it saves. All you have to do is devote 10 minutes the night before to soak your oats and the next morning you will be all set to ravage it with your spoon.

Lip-smacking recipes to checkout

Listed below are some of the most popular overnight oatmeal recipes that you can start incorporating into your healthy breakfast routine

  1. Banana-Peanut butter overnight oatmeal
  2. Tiramisu overnight oats
  3. Coconut blueberry oats
  4. Mango overnight oats
  5. Cocoa overnight oats

Add your favorite garnishing to these mouth-watering recipes and get ready for one of the most wholesome breakfasts ever!

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