Preparing your body for the summer

  • 102 Months ago
Preparing your body for the summer

You may be wishing for a beach vacation this summer, but are you feeling in shape and confident enough to debut your summer clothes? Here are a few tips to tone your body and improve your confidence, so that you look and feel great this season!

  • Improve your body posture. Do not slouch as it makes your tummy look rounder. Keep your back and shoulder straight. Distribute your weight evenly on both the hips to look slimmer and better.
  • Pushups are very effective to tone your abdomen and flab.
  • Squat against a wall or into an invisible chair to tone your thighs and hips!
  • Keeping deadlifts close to your body while lifting them off ground with legs apart will help tone your back, butt and legs.
  • Move- every bit of exercise makes a difference. Start exercising when you plan for a holiday.
  • Watch what you eat. No exercise helps if you are still munching on those fries or wafers. Cut down high calorie foods and replace with fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat small meals throughout the day.
  • Avoid canned/preserved foods and salt over the table as high salt intake causes bloating and fluid retention.
  • Avoid alcohol when you are preparing as it reduces the rate of fat burning and most cocktails are high-calorie beverages!
  • Shop according to your body shape. For pear shape, choose a high cut bottom if your thighs and hips are huge and draw attention towards your upper body by wearing a v-neck top! For apple shape, choose a side-detailing or a wrap-style bottom if your tummy is bigger. This will draw attention towards the upper part if you wear an attractive v-neck top! For hourglass, you can flaunt a variety of styles. You can rock a suit or bold prints or a deep plunge or even a string bikini!
  • Shop for a halter top or a top with underwire to flatter full bust and get enough support. Stay away from high necklines and triangle tops.
  • Choose fun fabrics in cool colors and avoid shiny fabrics to look slimmer. A short, smooth-fitted skirt or a waist band can give your tummy a trimmed look!
  • For an athletic body, play with bold colors and avoid too much coverage which gives your body a box shape.
  • Sunscreen generously before stepping out.
  • Keep your eyes cool and safe with quality sunglasses.
  • Soften and exfoliate your skin to make it look healthier and attractive.

Do not aim for perfection as it disappoints you if you do not make it. Rather be happy that you started well. You do not need a size zero or a perfect body but a confident mind to flaunt it.