Public Fear? Yes, A Serious Problem!

  • 21 months ago
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Public Fear? Yes, A Serious Problem!

Each one of us has difficulty or fear about something. For some it is a hidden truth. Fear of facing public, fear for speech, anxiety, sweating are the common problems of the one who have social fear.

Social fear is a very common problem as said earlier it is a hidden for some. Shy is a fancy name for facing public. This fear starts when you are young and at home/school. It starts when you are under estimated, someone doesn't like you; support other siblings in front of you, other looks more good than you etc.

Some recognize it at young age and some don't. The one who will recognize will try to solve it and grow up to be confident personality, those who won't is the once who are in problem. Parents, teachers, well wishers play a major role to solve this problem.

The long term problem of social fear is failure in life, low on confidence, bad decision making ability, wrong planning, poor emotional quotient, negative thoughts etc. To avoid these one need to recognize and try to solve it.

These are some of the methods to solve this problem:

•A psychologist can be of a great help who can understand the whole issue to solve this problem. There can be number of sessions, activities etc given by the doctor which can help.

•Gaining back confidence is very important. One should face everything with confidence. Keep saying yourself that "you are doing is right" and with confidence you can never be wrong. Even if something goes wrong you will be able to solve it again.

Positive thinking is a must. Anything with right thinking and positive attitude will always take you in right direction. It will make you confident to face public and fear is off from you.

Meditation is one of the best methods proved to solve the social fear. It will keep your mind calm; help you solving issues with fear.

Exercise also makes you feel better, think rich and keep up your confidence.

•Dressing up well will increase your confident. Look out for trendy and in clothes and styles and wear them.

•It is always said reading books, news paper, articles; blogs will improve one's knowledge. Knowledge is always respected and treated high.

•Consuming a balanced diet and at the right time is one of the important methods of reducing social fear. Many studies say diet has the direct connection with the thinking. Empty stomach aggravates angry, irritation etc.

Social phobia when small should be solved, if solved you are a winner. Help your child, friend, co-worker, siblings solve it.

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