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Realizing You Are A Father!

Realizing You Are A Father!

The birth of your child puts you on cloud nine and gives you a feeling of pride. But some time later, you start realizing, how your life has changed completely. Becoming a father of a small bundle of joy comes with great responsibilities and high expectations. Some of the ‘new' dads realize this feeling before the baby is born, some realize it as soon as they hold their new born baby in their arms for the first time, and some comprehend it after a few days when the excitement reduces a bit.

After the realization sinks in, there are a lot of things which the father might feel. He feels confused about what his role should exactly be, how his behaviour with the baby should exactly be, etc.

He might get a feeling of fear thinking about whether he will be a good or sometimes a ‘super' dad. He might be a little scared to take the responsibility of a small life, his baby's life.

Being a dad, he initially may find it difficult to connect with the baby. This feeling is more common in fathers than in new mothers.

Your relationship with your partner also can change (at least for the first few days after the birth of the baby). You and your partner have another person, who is the centre of attraction for all. It might be difficult to talk on any other subject with your wife.

All these changes may seem to be huge to you and give you a sudden jolt. But remember, becoming a father is a gift your baby has given you. Enjoy every moment of your life and the responsibilities that come along will seem to be fun!


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