Reasons To Start Stretching Every Day

  • 29 months ago
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Reasons To Start Stretching Every Day

Stretching is quite underrated. Our well-wishers have at least once recommended us all to include it in our daily life. Unfortunately, most of us still start our day without stretching. But you should know that stretching offers excellent benefits like improving posture, circulation, and flexibility.

If you want to know what other benefits of daily stretching brings, which is the right time for stretching, and how you can implement stretching in your everyday life, this blog is for you. Read along to find all you need to know about stretching.

Why is morning the best time for stretching?

After a long night’s sleep, your muscles tend to lose tone. Also, the fluids move along your back. It happens due to continuous inactivity while sleeping. And stretching helps bring your muscle tone back and send the fluids where they should be.

Also, stretching brings mobility, helps your body feel good, and revives you from the state of slumber. So, because your body most needs mobility in the morning (after a long night’s sleep), morning becomes the best-suited time for stretching.

What happens if you skip stretching?

Not stretching daily can make your muscles shortened and tight rendering you inflexible. You may also lose your motion range over time. This can make your body prone to muscle damage, strains, joint pains, and other related issues. So, make sure to include stretching in your daily routine.

What are the different types of stretches?

Here are different types of stretches you can practice:

Static stretches: When you stretch your muscle to the end of its motion range and hold that position for 30 or more seconds, it’s static stretching. It helps improve muscle strength and relieves tension.

Dynamic Stretches: It’s a stretching type wherein you repeat the movements preceding the activity you’re going to perform. With this stretch, you can improve the motion range by moving the joints and muscles to be used in the workout.

Also, dynamic stretches prepare you for any strenuous exercise that you’re going to do ahead, preventing chances of muscular injuries.

Ballistic stretches: Ballistic stretching is meant for athletic drills involving bouncing movements. It targets specific muscle groups. However, it’s quite risky, so you should always take care while performing this stretch type. The best way to prevent risk is by performing ballistic stretches from low to high velocity preceded by normal static stretches.

What are the benefits of stretching?

Here’s how stretching benefits you:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve range of motion
  • Improve blood flow to the muscles
  • Improve your posture
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce headache
  • Prevent backache
  • Calm your mind

How to include stretching in your daily routine?

Unless you do it, daily stretching won’t work. And for you to include it in your routine, you need to get started. It may sound obvious, but that’s how it is.

Start with light stretching (increase intensity each day) first thing in the morning (recommended) or last thing before you hit the bed. Make sure there’s ample space for you to stretch. You need to continue this for at least 21 days to make it a habit or incorporate it into your daily routine.

Wrapping Up

Stretching may sound underrated, but it brings along several benefits like improved mobility, range of motion, and flexibility. Also, you can protect your muscles and joints from being injured with stretching. However, for you to enjoy the benefits you need to include stretching in your daily routine. So, start now!

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