Here’s How Fruit Juices Can Support Your Fitness Journey

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Here’s How Fruit Juices Can Support Your Fitness Journey

If we must name one item that is crucially important to consume during our fitness journey, it is fruits. They are healthy, nutritious, full of vitamins and help the body cool down in the summer. However, you cannot go around the city with your pocket full of fruits and take a bite between an important conversation, right?

Well, here comes the fruit juice. But then, at the same time, doubt enters the room- fruit juices have high sugar levels, can easily elevate the blood sugar levels and spike insulin levels resulting in weight gain, and here, we hit a dead end.

Although such is not always the case, RAW fruit juices are a healthy alternative that has comparatively less or zero concentrate and sugar. Let us tell you more about how fruit juices can support your fitness journey and how to pick the right one!

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Role of Fruit Juice on a Fitness Journey

Starting a fruit juice diet is common for people going on a weight loss journey. Consuming fruit juices helps the body get nutrition and increases energy levels resulting in a more effective workout.

You might think of extracting fruit juice at home in your blender, but it will not be the same. Natural fruit juices are not like whole fruit as they contain more calories. When blended, these fruits release more sugar and less fiber which is the essence of the fruit. When you consume raw fruit, you are intaking fiber and sugar, which are important for proper nutrition and steady digestion.

Decoding Concentrated Fruit Juices

Let us break it down for you; there are several types of fruit juices in the market.

However, the concentrate juices are extracted, cleaned, and cooked. Once the first step is over, water and sugar or syrup are added to maintain its flavor, as most of the time, the taste is reversed during the heating process. The key reason it is done is to make transportation and storage easier and increase their shelf life. Hence, you can find pasteurized or concentrated juices on a large scale in the market.

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Benefits of Fresh Squeezed Fruit Juice

We love fruits, be it summer or winter; everyone has a favorite to pick. So why not drink the fruit in all its glory? Want to know why? Some fresh fruit juices are said to lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, and are a tasty alternative to water during a gym session. Here are the key benefits of fruit juices-

  1. Fruit juice provides vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to the body. Now associate these words with the medicines, and your tastebuds will go on a hunger strike. Fruit juices are full of flavors; everyone enjoys them. From mango juice and sugarcane to pomegranate or orange juice, you can have every drink whenever and wherever you want.
  2. There is natural sugar in the fresh fruit juice, so no matter how much you drink, you will still be healthy, and your body will not crash down due to the sugar rush.
  3. Have a hectic schedule and zero time to sit and eat? You can quickly make a glass of juice on the go and give your body the nutrients it deserves. This is one of the easiest ways to add fruits to your diet.
  4. Maximum people are so engrossed in work that they often forget to keep their bodies hydrated. If you are one of them, take this as a sign to switch to fruit juice and keep your body hydrated and glowing.

P.S: You must also keep in mind, no matter how healthy fruit juices are, having whole fruits is always going to be a wiser option.

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