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Secrets for Lush, Long Eyelashes!

Secrets for Lush, Long Eyelashes!

Long, lush and healthy eye lashes rank high on a woman's beauty wish list. But not everyone is lucky to have them naturally. Besides beauty, lashes play an important role in maintaining the health of the eyes.

As you age, you may feel like your lashes have thinned out. But, it is nothing more than an optical illusion. The fact is, we are born with a set number of follicles and that doesn't change with age.

Just like hair, eye lashes naturally fall once they complete their life cycle. Other factors that impact eyelash loss are alopecia, eye lash infection or chemotherapy. To build better eye lashes, you need to ditch few bad habits and replace them with good ones.

• Do not use too many water proof products on your eyes.
• Long - stay mascaras are stubborn to remove and can result in damaging your lashes
• Use gentle remover to dab and pat on the lashes rather than pulling or rubbing.
• To remove clumps from the mascara, do it when it is still wet
• Don't tug at eyelashes.
• Do not let your lashes get dry. Condition them with a thin layer of Vaseline at night before you go to bed.

Fake it with care!
• If you do use artificial lashes, then follow these rules.
• Do not sleep with fake eyelashes on.
• Do not apply glue directly on the eyelid
• Don't share artificial eyelashes with your friends
• Do not use heated eyelash curlers with false lashes

Eyelashes are very delicate and can easily break due to our daily habits. Take care of them to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

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