Stop Complaining! Let’s Boogie!: Should You Be Doing Zumba for Weight Loss?

  • 29 months ago
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Stop Complaining! Let’s Boogie!: Should You Be Doing Zumba for Weight Loss?

Are you here because you or someone you know is trying to lose weight? It is a hard truth that so many people struggle with weight loss and consider that journey as a harsh fight with their bodies. When people face fat-shaming, not only does it affect their mental health but it can also become their greatest fear.

Such people try to cut down their calories by fad diets or over-exercising which creates a negative impact on their health. They might not realize it instantly but its long-term effects are daunting.

Sabrena Jo (director of science and research content for the American Council) says, “If you cut too many calories too quickly, your metabolism will slow down. If you cut calories drastically and as a result, you drop a lot of weight quickly, it is likely that you are losing some muscle. Muscle is really the engine of metabolism, so that contributes to a lower metabolism".

Can Zumba can help you accomplish weight your loss goal?

According to a study funded by ACE (American Council on Exercise), it was founded that an average participant burned 369 calories in a single session! Grooving to the beats of salsa music to lose fat, how cool is that.

A regular Zumba routine targets different muscle groups at once and overall tones the body. It helps an individual gain muscle tissue, which is essential for metabolism.

An increase in muscle size can lead to an increase in the overall weight of the body but don’t let that hike in weight fool you into thinking that your efforts are not paying off. The focus should be on fat loss, not weight loss.

There are chances that your weight may stay the same, even after losing inches, and it is actually a good sign. Slimming down does not always mean losing actual weight- We hope this makes you feel better.

Additional reasons to add Zumba to your healthy lifestyle-

  • Zumba feels more like a dance party than a workout and it does not require any specific or heavy equipment
  • Zumba strengthens your legs and glutes muscles because it involves jumps, lunges, and many similar movements.
  • It is an excellent cardio workout to boost your heart health.
  • Helps in managing blood pressure
  • Zumba is often enjoyed in-group and hence it helps create a social and fun environment, overall improving quality of life.

Avoid Zumba dance in case you are injured, pregnant, asthmatic, or have spine problems.

Measure your success

When you notice changes in your body while on a fat loss journey, it can act as a healthy motivator. A measuring scale isn’t the only way to reckon if you are moving in the right direction. Consider the below- stated methods to verify your progress.

  1. Pay attention to your cloth fitting
  2. Take inch measurements regularly
  1. Log your workout regularly on The Wellness Corner
  2. Use a calorie tracker
  3. Add weight variations on the weight tracker

Always remember that your body sheds weight based on various factors like gender, age, genetics that is beyond your control. Worrying recklessly about weight loss will only add to the deterioration of health. It’s not a competition so keep it that way.

Bottom line

When you lose weight, it can lead to excess water loss even muscle. It is important to know if you're seeing real results or if it is a result of tweaks in your daily habits, hormonal imbalances, or hydration level. Know that doing Zumba alone will not tone your body effectively. It will need much more than that. Even the tiniest factor like sleep cycle or any addition in your diet can affect your transformation. Consult a dietitian on The Wellness Corner to add the right nutrition to your diet and benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

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