You may be welcoming infections if you aren't sleeping well!

  • 18 months ago
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You may be welcoming infections if you aren't sleeping well!

Lack of sleep can affect your health and immune system in many ways. According to studies, there is strong evidence that sleep helps in healing. If you are not getting enough sleep, your chances of getting infections increase, it can make you go sick unexpectedly and weaken your recovery system.

People who don’t get quality sleep get sick often

Sleep deprivation can reduce antibodies

Your body secretes proteins called cytokines that help you sleep well. These proteins need to increase when you are under stress, in pain, or infected to form a protective shield. Sleep deprivation can decrease their count and thus slow down the whole fighting mechanism against viruses or pathogens.

Thus, your body needs proper rest so that it can produce enough antibodies (T cells) and save you from health ailments like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep improves the effects of vaccines

Some studies indicate that sleep apnea or partial sleep issues in some people reduced the response of antibodies. Sleep is a pivotal factor that helps define the effectiveness of vaccines. People who had hepatitis and swine flu (H1N1) recovered late if they did not sleep properly the night after receiving the vaccine. This decreased the vaccine’s protection and some even had to get a second dose of the vaccine.

People who do not get sufficient sleep may not give their body adequate time to cultivate immunological memory, thus leaving themselves unprotected even after getting vaccination jab.

Lack of sleep is also associated with allergies

A poor sleep cycle is related to increased chances of allergies. As per sources, asthma and respiratory allergy are common conditions that can affect sleep and daytime working.

Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles including physical, mental, and behavioral changes that happen throughout the day. It regulates the body’s reaction when it overreacts in the form of allergies (which is not harmful in most cases).

Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm is vital for healthy sleep, which is in turn crucial for a healthy body.

So, are you getting enough sleep? Are you adopting healthy sleeping habits?

#1. Stick to a routine

Consistency is the key to get a good quality sleep. Our bodies work effectively when they are used to a routine. When you wake up and sleep at the same time, it gives your body the strength to carry out activities in an organized way. Taking small naps during the daytime can boost your energy but make sure you limit them to 30 minutes, not more than that.

#2. Meditate to calm your senses

Meditation is a brilliant way to calm your senses. It enhances inner peace by relaxing the whole body and reduces stress-related (cortisol) hormones. It eradicates the state of restlessness and naturally brings your attention to the present moment. When your mind is free of toxicity and negativity, you sleep better.

#3. Ditch bad old habits

Limit your caffeine intake, wake up on time, give up smoking, don’t slouch (improve your posture, okay), get out of bed (come on, exercise a bit) and leave behind any such habit that harms your body. Treat your body well to minimize fluctuations in your sleep cycle.

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Sleep deprivation can have a bad impact on a person’s health, especially for people who have been already suffering from a weak immune system or sleep disorder. Focus on taking healthy steps towards a good lifestyle, pay attention to all facets of wellness – be it diet, workout, mindfulness, etc. Sleep is often neglected but it is very important for a body to function properly, repair the body and be ready for the next day. So, make sure, you get enough sleep and stay rejuvenated.  

A little progress each day adds up to big results. How dedicated are you towards your wellness goals? Track your mood, sleeping habits, workouts, mindful minutes- all at a single place. Calculate your calories and make the necessary adjustments to lead a healthy life. And if you need guidance, connect with our experts via chat/audio/video call on The Wellness Corner app and achieve your wellness goals effectively. There is a solution to each of your problems, you just need to lay it out in front of some who'll understand the hooks and crooks of it.

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