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Strengthen your marriage before it fails!

Strengthen your marriage before it fails!

Marriage is like a living organism, which undergoes constant change. As years go by, you and your spouse are not continually going to feel affectionate and close towards one another. There will be times when you get angry at your partner and you may even happen to question yourself as to why the two of you got married in the first place?Building and maintaining a healthy marriage is not easy.Devoting sufficient time and effort, developing a tolerance for each other's differences and of course, respecting one another, form the crux of a healthy marriage.

With the day-to-day pressures of children, work and chores, it can be easy to neglect your relationship and take your partner for granted.

Here are some tips to strengthen your marriage:

•Spend time with each other: Forget the "quality vs. quantity time discussion"- healthy marriages need both.
•Learn to negotiate conflict.
•Show respect for each other at all times.
•Learn about yourself first.
•Explore "emotional intimacy" and not just "physical intimacy"
•Learn to forgive each other; it's tricky but an important virtue in marriage, especially when no one is perfect.
•Improve your communication skills; listening without judgment and focusing on what your partner is saying, as well as expressing your own feelings in a positive and truthful way is important.
•Express appreciation; even though you may feel your partner knows you care, it doesn't hurt to say thank you.
•Foster trust and security.
•Stay selfless, give your hopes, dreams and life to your partner and begin to live together.
•Learn to compromise even if you disagree on an issue, discuss the problem calmly.
•Fight fair; don't expect to agree on everything. An important part of resolving conflict is being respectful even when you're arguing.

"So, don't expect your marriage to improve and things to change overnight, it will be a gradual process with some bumps along the way, but eventually, the reward that the road to marriage recovery bears is much more than the effort it requires"...


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