Stress Less & Improve Productivity

  • 9 months ago
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Stress Less & Improve Productivity

As the day goes by, do you feel as if you haven't paid enough attention to each task because other tasks keep landing on your desk, your colleagues interrupt you with several questions and you just can't seem to get things organized? Managing time efficiently will help one get more done each day and it does have health benefits too.

Here are a few strategies to get you started:

Prioritize tasks: Prioritizing tasks will ensure that you spend your time and energy effectively on the task in hand.

Hand over: Take a look at our to-do-list. If you have certain tasks that you can pass on to someone else, do so!

Break large tasks into smaller tasks: Give each task a few minutes at a time until you get all of them done.

Plan each day: It's important to plan your day as this can help you accomplish more. Maintain a schedule of your daily activities to minimize clash and last-minute rushes.

Take time to do a quality job: Concentrate on a task and do it right the first time, because correcting errors takes more time overall.

Limit distractions: When you have a big project in hand, close your door; turn off your phone, email alerts and anything else that might distract you.

Stick to the 10-minute rule: Dedicate 10 minutes to a task each day and once you get started, you may find that you can complete it.

Assess how you're spending your time: For the next three days, keep a diary and write down everything that you do to determine how you're spending your time. Evaluate and look for time that can be used more wisely.

Get adequate sleep, eat healthy and exercise regularly: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can enhance your focus and concentration which will help in improving your efficiency, so that you can complete your work in less time.

Take a break when needed: Too much stress can disrupt your attempts at getting organized. So, when you need a break, take one! Consider doing some stretches at your workstation, or take a walk. Whenever you can, take a day off to rest and re-energize! You can de-stress and regain your concentration on your objectives by spending some me-time.

If you're too weary to think about trying out these strategies, don't hesitate to seek help from a counsellor!

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