Tai Chi:The gentle way to beat stress!

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Tai Chi:The gentle way to beat stress!

Tai Chi, the ancient Chinese discipline is a descendant of Qigong that is now practiced as a graceful form of exercise. The workout involves a series of fluidic movements that are performed in a very slow and focused manner, and accompanied by deep breathing. Each move in Tai Chi is like art- it flows into the next without a break, ensuring that the body stays in constant motion and balance.

Moreover, the exercise is low-impact and places minimum stress on the joints and muscles, making it quite safe for people of all age groups and fitness levels. Additionally, it is inexpensive as it requires no special equipment and can be practiced indoors or outdoors and alone or in a group.

Benefits of Tai Chi

If practiced correctly and regularly, Tai Chi can become a positive part of an overall approach to improving your health. Some of the benefits the exercise offers are:

• Increased flexibility, balance, and agility
• Increased stamina and energy
• Increased muscle potency and definition
• Increased aerobic capacity
• Decreased stress and anxiety

Evidence suggests that Tai chi may also help:

• Enhance the immune system
• Improve quality of sleep
• Lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure
• Reduce symptoms of joint pain and congestive heart failure
• Reduce the risk of falls in older adults
• Improve overall wellbeing in older adults

So, go ahead and give Tai Chi a try! With regular training, it is believed that Tai Chi can have a profound impact on mental, physical, and emotional health.

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