The Beauty Dot of Indian Women, Bindi!

  • 92 Months ago
The Beauty Dot of Indian Women, Bindi!

Do you know the reason behind women wearing a bindi? Or ever wondered why they wear it only on their fore head and not on their cheeks, or the tip of their nose?! Putting the religious explanation aside, here is a more scientific explanation to this practice.

Position of the Bindi: A Bindi is worn between the eyebrows, where the pineal gland lies. This in turn is connected to the pituitary gland, which is the master gland of all endocrine glands and helps in the functioning of the entire body. Experts also say that the area is the seat of wisdom, and is known as ‘The Agna chakra' (command) in the science of yoga. This controls various levels of concentration and holds positive energy in the body.
Applying sandalwood paste, ash, turmeric, kumkum or zinc oxide acts as a cooling ingredient to the nerve center.

Significance of wearing a bindi:
It is said that the beauty of a woman multiplies a thousand times if she wears a bindi. And it is so true! Any Indian woman dressed for an auspicious moment in life, is incomplete without a bindi. Indian women adore wearing a red bindi. With reference to Hindu Mythology, red signifies strength and love. And why not, a woman is an epitome of love and she has the strength to grow and protect her family.

Let us respect the beauty and unique strength of every woman!