The Ultimate One-Day Detox Guide

  • 20 months ago
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The Ultimate One-Day Detox Guide

Clearing toxins and clutter from the mind, body and home is more important than ever in today's taxing world. For optimum health and a clear mind, make detox an integral part of your lifestyle.

Follow this ultimate one-day detox guide to rejuvenate your body and a healthy start of the year!

Detox part 1
Detox part 2
Break your fast
Fix a nap time
Get some sunshine
Snack on nourishing treats
Replenish with sassy water
Pull up your yoga pants
Blend in some B6
Plan a fun activity
Forgive and forget
Relax with a hot bath
Have an early dinner
Spear your lunch
Unplug and unwind
Brew a cup of herbal tea
Light some scented candles

Kick start 2022 - 24 Hour Body Reset Guide

Cleanse your body- Tap the reset button

Just like a computer or phone memory needs to be cleaned up, every now and then, so does our body- for effective functioning. Detoxification helps remove toxins from your body and liver, improve your gut health while increasing flexibility to keep your body, mind and soul serene. It's time to set your goals and health back on the right track in just one day! May you be toxin-free!

The Wellness Corner wishes you a Happy New Year 2022!!!

Diet Plan

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