5 Millets & Grains To Include In Your Winter Diet For A Healthy Immune System

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5 Millets & Grains To Include In Your Winter Diet For A Healthy Immune System

Seasonal produce comes with nutrients and properties that the body needs to battle the change in season and withstand the weather's adverse effects. All summer vegetables and fruits are usually high in water content to supply the body's extra water intake.

Similarly, during winters, it is essential to include foods that would heal the body from within and burn calories.

A healthy diet contributes to a healthy immune system, and it becomes essential to balance it out through eating habits on chilly days when you are the least active.

You can easily incorporate Millets and grains into the diet in the form of flours readily available in the market and fuss-free to use. Flours like maize, jowar and bajra are healthy and gluten-free alternatives to the wheat variant to create some sumptuous dishes.



It is said that jowar is a powerhouse of nutrients with a high source of calcium, vitamin B and dietary fibre. It also contains essential minerals like iron and phosphorus and is loaded with antioxidants that keep cancer and other diseases at bay.

You can use Jowar Flour to make rotis or mixed with other flours to make paranthas, khakras, pooris, even cookies and bread. Besides these, Jowar Flour can make banana cake, tacos with spicy fillings or apple crumble.


Corn is a rich source of vitamin A, B, E and essential minerals. It is high in fibre content, which plays a significant role in preventing digestive ailments and thus is perfect for those following a gluten-free diet.

Different forms of corn like fresh corn used for salad, soup, maize flour used in baking cookies and breadsticks, frozen corn used with herbs and masala to make chat, etc.


Being rich in fibre and protein, it can be used to manage diabetes and cholesterol levels.

Though Bajra roti and khichdi are the more popular items prepared, bajra crepes, tarts and wraps are some of the other treats that can be made.


It is loaded with fibre, protein and antioxidants, iron and copper. Foxtail millet helps in keeping heart disease, diabetes at bay. It can be used to make porridge, kheer, or added to idli and dosa batter or even eaten as a substitute for rice.

Kangni removes bad cholesterol, which also means it eradicates excess fat from our bodies and ultimately makes our immune system better than before.


Ragi is an excellent source of calcium. A saviour for vegetarians who will probably never consume non-veg just for the sake of calcium.

A must-have for those who suffer from conditions like insomnia, depression and anxiety. Diabetic and anaemic patients are often advised to include ragi in their diet.





Early Morning

Herbal Tea/ Kadha


+ Soaked Almonds + Soaked Walnuts / Roasted Flaxseed Powder

1 Cup


1 Fistful / 1 Teaspoon


Foxtail Millet Porridge/ Vegetable Daliya/ Ragi Idli / Methi Stuffed Paratha


+ Low Fat Milk/ Curd


+ Seasonal Fruit

1 Bowl / 1 Bowl / 4 Small Pieces/ 2 No.

1 Medium Glass / 1 Bowl


1 Whole

Mid-Morning Snack

Vegetable Soup / Tulsi Ginger Tea

1 Bowl / 1 Cup



Green Salad


+ Vegetable (Mixed Vegetable/ Peas Mushroom/ Peas with Carrot And Cabbage/ Methi with Carrot / Sarso Ka Saag)


+ Rajma Curry/ Mix Dal/ Whole Dal


+ Multigrain Chapati/ Palak Roti/ Makki Roti / Millet Roti


+ Curd/ Bathua Raita

1 Bowl

1 Bowl

1 Bowl

2 No./ 1 Bowl

1 Bowl

Evening Snack

 Herbal Tea

 + Roasted Chana/ Boiled Sweet Potato/ Corn Chaat

1 Cup

1 Handful / 1 Bowl



Broccoli Salad/ Cabbage Salad


+ Palak Paneer/ Spinach Curry/ Radish Leaves Curry /Cauliflower Peas Vegetable/ Vegetable Kadhi


+ Split Lentils


+ Jowar Roti/ Multigrain Chapati/ Bajra Roti/ Bajre Ki Khichdi




Ragi Idli Sambhar with Coconut and Mint Chutney/ Green Moong Dal Dosa with Sambhar



1 Bowl

1 Bowl


1 Bowl


2 No./ 1 Bowl





1 Bowl


1 Serving

1 Piece

Post Dinner

Turmeric Milk/ Milk with Dates

1 Glass/ 1 Glass + 2 No.


Millets and grains carry multiple health benefits and promote wellness. Try to include these in summers, too but in a balanced way. Make sure you don’t load your body with excess heat. Healthy choices lead you to a healthy lifestyle, so start taking steps to make your coming days better than ever.

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