Self-Awareness: Benefits, Mood Tracking and Tips to Boost Self-Awareness

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Self-Awareness: Benefits, Mood Tracking and Tips to Boost Self-Awareness

Have you ever thought about why you feel the way you do? Why do you develop empathy or a particular emotion and try to find the reason behind it? Do you know why you and your friend react distinctly in the same situation? Surprisingly, it all narrows down to self-concept that many people aren’t familiar with. The ability to be aware of yourself, the skill to be honest about your deeds, to access what’s right or wrong is SELF AWARENESS. It can be difficult to achieve but not impossible!


If you know yourself, you can have clarity of your strengths and weaknesses. If you are aware of what’s going inside you, you can transform your habits and personality to become a better version of yourself. By doing so, you recognize yourself as a unique individual.


  • Improve yourself by identifying what you are good at and what you need to work on
  • Nurture happiness by mending your actions and finding solutions to achieve your goals
  • Become a better leader by developing empathy and have an understanding of how employees perceive your behavior
  • Reinforce work and personal connections by managing your emotions
  • Improve work drive by pursuing out your true interest and passions
  • Lessen anxiety by identifying stressors and subsiding tasks you don’t enjoy from your routine


While you may not be aware of what you are feeling, it may be influencing your day-to-day actions. A mood tracker tool can help you interpret the patterns of your mood in different circumstances. In fact, a mood tracker can be beneficial for people with mental health illnesses like anxiety, depression, or even sleep issues—to help pinpoint and control mood swings.

Track your mood on The Wellness Corner app, select what you resonate with or simply describe your feelings and it will recommend related resources that you can benefit from.



Practice mindful meditation to focus on what’s going within and around you. Bring your focus to the present and realize that- YOU ARE NOT EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOUR THOUGHTS. We are often over-thinking and lose control over our mind.

Including mindfulness in your routine will open your eyes, instill clear thinking of how the mind works, and help you detach from the content of your thoughts. This will eventually pave the way to intensify your level of self-awareness.


Often what we don’t like about others is a reflection of some quality that we want to eliminate from ourselves. We all have habits that trouble us and we want to get rid of them. Next time when you find someone annoying, make a note and ask yourselves- On what level do I have this habit in me. This will help you align your lifestyle in order to reduce that particular characteristic dwelling in you.


While there is no such perfect book that’ll help you build self-awareness but reading good books (whichever you like) takes you in a word beyond your normal thinking. Writers are great observers and their words describe what a normal individual may miss amidst the anxious chores of daily life.

We all can learn a thing or two from the books and apply that knowledge in our life. It can be as simple as getting inspired by a character, picking up their good traits, and inculcating them in yourself.


Whenever possible, ask for feedback and use it to improve yourself. Feedbacks are a great way that can help you grow in a fast and effective manner. We can’t always anticipate the blind spots that hinder our growth on our own but a close friend, parents, or partner can do it for us. Learn to take criticism well, always thank the other person for their feedback and start planning to work on it.


Learning something new pushes us to adapt to new situations and forces us to think beyond our limits. Not only does it expand our creative side but fosters a sense of freshness. It challenges us to go out of our way, gives us a beginner perspective on how we should see things differently, and adds to the list of our experiences. (Thus developing self-awareness).

Additional tips:

#6. Travel; Take a short break and go on a mini trip

#7. Journalize; Write down your plans and feelings

#8. Self-assessment test; Participate in insight quizzes and personality tests

#9. Practice self-care; Don’t be harsh on yourself rather make yourself feel good

#10. Counseling; Try talking to a certified psychologist on The Wellness Corner


By being self-aware, we can have clarity and find the right direction to move in life. It enables us to share our gifts with others, give back to the world and create a win-win situation. By knowing yourself better, you can set yourself up for success.

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