Top 10 Immunity Boosters & Tips to Enhance Your Family's Immunity

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Top 10 Immunity Boosters & Tips to Enhance Your Family's Immunity

1. Fruits & Vegetables- Stop rolling your eyes and put some color on your plate. Feed your family well. 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables each day can reduce risk of diseases by 30-40%.

2. Pop a pill or naturally increase intake of important vitamins- Every working urban adult needs a multi-vitamin pill. Supplement this with higher doses of Vitamin E, C and zinc. And calcium with 400 IU Vitamin D (diet can also help increase these) one hour after dinner.

3. Move your body- Get moving for 30 minutes a day, four days a week. It ups immunity drastically. Over working out or under working out lowers it. Motivate everyone to exercise. Exercise can increase white blood cell activity and boost circulation throughout the body.

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4. The powers of zzzzzz- Eight hours. No less. No more. Make sure every member is getting enough sleep. Getting quality sleep can boost the T cells in your body that fight off infection.

5. Listen to your body and learn from your family history- Get on a preventive diet for what your parents, grandparents have/had. It will save you high cost of surgery, and maybe, your life.

6. Switch to mineral- Drink eight to ten 250 ml glasses of water to flush the toxins out. Mineral water boosts immunity, while purified water strips essential minerals from water.

7. Eat the good fats- Oily fish, nuts and seeds, extra virgin raw olive oil drizzled over salads, mustard oil for regular cooking. Consult a dietitian on The Wellness Corner for healthy meal plans and find interesting ways to include these vitals in your diet.

8. Socialize together- Eat together, laugh together, and make time for each other. Socializing can reduce stress and increase happy hormones like endorphins. A happy body is a balanced body. A positive person falls ill less, it’s been proven scientifically!

9. Have regular sex- Sex releases happy hormones that boost immunity, burns calories and keeps the hormonal cycle in order. Women are prone to diseases when their hormonal cycles get affected. Never been a more enjoyable way to keep disease at bay!

10. Give up bad habits - If there is a smoker in your house or an alcohol addict, these habits can weaken their immune system. Additionally, these toxins can cause trouble not only for addicts but also for those around them. Try pranayama or emotional therapies to get rid of the addictions.

Navigate to The Wellness Corner to check out recipes, exercises , therapies, and additional natural immunity boosters. Consult an expert according to your needs.

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