Get Notified When COVID-19 Vaccination Slots Open Near You

  • 24 months ago
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Get Notified When COVID-19 Vaccination Slots Open Near You

Indian Government has allowed everyone above 18 years of age to get vaccinated due to the faster spread of infection, increasing threat of double-mutant, and new strains of coronavirus emerging during the deadly second wave of Covid-19.

However, there is still a shortage of vaccination supply in various parts of the nation that have delayed the 3rd Phase of Covid-19 vaccination including Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Jharkhand.

Many people are already having trouble finding slots on the CoWin portal because they are filling up swiftly. Checking the availability of the slot manually on these portals is a cumbersome process. It is simply trying your luck if you can get a slot, if not then checking again later and repeating the process till you finally find the slot. So the question is- How will TWC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Finder help you with the same?

TWC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Finder

This amazing innovation by TWC is helping people who are struggling to find COVID-19 vaccination slots get WhatsApp and Email notifications when vaccination slots in their preferred locations become available.

Though the users will still have to confirm the slot through the CoWIN portal, Arogya Setu app, or UMANG app, our slot finder will help you save time and effort by easily locating the available slots near you.

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Steps To Find a Covid-19 Vaccination Slot

To find a slot through TWC’s Covid-19 Vaccination Slot Finder, all you have to follow these easy steps-

#1 Enter Your City Pin code or District Name

TWC’s vaccine slot finder app allows you to search slots not just in your existing residential area or nearby but you can find the slots in any area by either entering the city pin code or by simply selecting the district. Soon after this, you’ll be able to view the centers in that desired area.

#2 Set Up Preferences

If you want to set any preferences according to the Vaccination brand (Covaxin or Covershield) or Vaccination price, you just have to select the filter and your updated slot availability results will appear.

#3 Get Notified via Whatsapp or Email

Click on “Notify me when the slots open in my area”. A pop box will appear. Select how you want to be notified by providing your mobile number or email address. Whenever any slot will be available in your area, the tool will automatically notify you on Whatsapp or Email.

CoWIN Approved Vaccination Centers

TWC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Finder is a perfect Vaccination Tracker to eliminate the problematic searching process for Covid-19 vaccine slots. Since it fetches the data from the CoWIN vaccine tracker itself, only CoWIN approved centers will appear on your screen. What else are you waiting for? If you are eligible, do not delay any further. Find vaccination centers near you, choose the desired slot, fix the appointment, get jabbed, and save yourselves from the deadly coronavirus.

The biggest challenge then was to find a cure for the deadly coronavirus but the biggest challenge now is to unify people to get vaccinated. Don’t let the sleepless nights of our corona warriors go in vain. If you are eligible, it is best to get yourself vaccinated because there’s nothing more valuable than the life you are blessed with. Save the world from another mass destruction by saving yourself! #IndiaFightsCorona

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