Use of Alkaline Water as a Super Supplement

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Use of Alkaline Water as a Super Supplement

Introduction: What is Alkaline Water?

In the latest trend of health-conscious supplements, alkaline water has become widely popular. A pH scale is used to describe the acidity of a substance ranging from 1 to 14. Usually, tap water has a pH range of 6 to 8. However, alkaline water has a pH range above 7, with its usage including its abilities to treat acne, blood pressure, and cholesterol and reduce acid reflux and diabetes.

How is Alkaline Water Created?

Ionizing machines that cost thousands of dollars are used to create alkaline water. Water can be high or low in pH, with an excess alkaline nature highlighted by a bitter taste. Further, water electrolysis is used to generate alkaline water as it separates its acidic and alkaline components.

Does Drinking Alkaline Water Have Benefits?

Several reports have highlighted the health benefits of alkaline water, prompting pro athletes to incorporate it into their diet. The possible health benefits of alkaline water include the following.

● Alkaline water is linked with lesser bone resorption.

● It is said to influence an enzyme that controls acid reflux, thereby reducing it.

● After exposure to alkaline water for a couple of months, a reduction is reported in blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipid levels.

● Alkaline water consumption can protect beta cells from oxidative damage.

● It facilitates a reduction in the side effects of hemodialysis.

● Alkaline water treats gastrointestinal disorders due to its neutralizing effect.

● It aids the reduction of exercise-induced dehydration in adults.

● Alkaline water boosts immunity and enhances hydration.

● The supplement helps reduce the build-up of lactic acid in the bloodstream.

● It strengthens the natural detoxification mechanism.

● Alkaline water helps manage the pH of blood to reduce muscle soreness.

Alkaline water is sold in grocery or health food stores. It is primarily used in the fitness industry, where it is used to treat exercise-induced acidosis or muscle soreness. It is heralded as a tool for fitness due to its hydration effects pre-workout and its ability to increase the acid-base balance.

During intensive training, the body tends to sweat a lot and may require electrolytes to remain stable. Its ability to provide extra electrolytes compared to plain water helps replenish, stay hydrated, and aid in maintaining energy throughout the high-intensity workout. Alkaline water is also heralded as an intra-workout supplement due to this reason.

Does This Super Supplement Come With Risks?

Drinking natural alkaline water, which naturally comes into contact with rocks and minerals, is generally deemed safe since it does not contain lab-grown minerals and additives. While research indicates certain advantages associated with alkaline water, quality control is necessary to maintain its pH.

● There are chances of skin and gastrointestinal irritation with increased pH.

● The electrode degradation during the process of creating alkaline water may generate toxic reactive nano particles.

● Over consumption of alkaline water can also pose risks such as over-neutralizing the body’s natural acid levels and stripping away essential probiotics.

● Further, an excess of alkalinity in the body may cause metabolic alkalosis, leading to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, hand tremors, muscle twitching.

Key Takeaway

Some journals point out the effectiveness of alkaline water concerning hydrating athletes. Therefore, it concludes that the habitual consumption of realized alkaline water can significantly improve hydration status.

However, it is always advisable to consult a health professional before switching to alkaline water.

Companies focused on improving athletic performance tend to emphasize the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Effects such as improved hydration, antioxidant properties, quicker recovery, and energy boosts elevate athletic performance.

However, unless you are using it as an athlete, there are almost no benefits to drinking alkaline water regularly. Therefore, until used the right way with proper medical discretion and for the right reasons, investing in alkaline water is not recommended.

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