Use of Microwaves in Pregnancy Can Be Harmful!

  • 24 months ago
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Use of Microwaves in Pregnancy Can Be Harmful!

Microwaves are very common equipments used in our kitchens. These days, there are a lot of studies that say that radiations emitted from microwaves are harmful to pregnant women and the unborn baby. It is hard to believe, but the microwave oven used to heat food can be harmful to the unborn child especially when the device is old or wrongly used.

Microwaves can be harmful if they are leaking radiation as these waves can travel up to 12cms. So, it is always harmful for pregnant women to stay around a running microwave is that is especially worn out and old.

Microwave radiations are odorless and hard to detect. If the door of the microwave is damaged, or if the door is open, the leakage is more. A survey conducted among a group of US microwave repair servicemen indicated that over 56% of microwaves that are older than two years leaked 10% more radiations than the safety standards approved by FDA.

The radiations released from microwaves can cause cell death, infertility, damaged DNAs and can affect pregnancy leading to malnourished babies and even miscarriages.

Hence, it is always suggested for pregnant women to be cautious and stay away from an old or a malfunctioning microwave.

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