Ways To Deal With Omicron Anxiety And Become Mentally Tough

  • 19 months ago
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Ways To Deal With Omicron Anxiety And Become Mentally Tough

Viruses such as Corona can mutate multiple times in their lifetime. Some mutated viruses can become dysfunctional with time, while some evolve to be super powerful. It can cause infections and dangerous consequences more lethal than their predecessors. It has been nearly two years since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Now its variant called Omicron is raising concerns all over the world. Compared to the previous variants of Corona, Omicron comes with several mutations. The Omicron variant has been consistently spreading across more than fifty countries.

Let us learn everything about Omicron and how it can affect us.

What Do We Know About Omicron?

Omnicron is a new coronavirus variant. The variant has increased infectivity, and that is quite worrisome. Some preliminary data reveals that it can spread two to four times more rapidly than the previous variants. It has become highly transmissible, and a lot of research is going on right now. There are concerns that the strain might have the ability to break in through our immune system and can even cause breakthrough vaccine infections.

What are Some Coping Strategies for Omicron?

You might have noticed some of the public health restrictions getting reintroduced. Wearing masks is, as usual, mandatory again, especially in indoor public spaces. Always remember our health is much more than following just the safety guidelines. The more thus virus spreads, the more it is likely to mutate. To avoid coming in contact with the virus, here are a few directions you must follow.

  • Get Vaccinated – Make sure you get your entire course of the vaccine dosage and take complete precautions to minimize the exposure and protect yourself from the virus.
  • Wear a Mask – Everybody must wear a mask before stepping outside their houses. People who are not completely vaccinated must not enter public locations without a good quality mask.
  • Conduct a Test – If you doubt being infected with the virus, make sure to get a test done to ensure you are not transmitting the disease to others.
  • Maintain Distance - Try maintaining a distance of 6-foot with the others and avoid visiting crowded or poorly ventilated areas unless necessary.
  • Clean and Disinfect - Wash your hands often and sanitize yourself often. Clean the high touch things and areas daily. Tables, light switches, desks, phones, keywords, doorknobs, sinks should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

We have already been through this situation. Covid-19 cases are rising again, and it is not under control. All of this can make us anxious. But by analyzing and working on what is under our control and keeping calm under such stressful situations, are the only ways we can get through this situation. Here are some tips to deal with anxiety and clear your head with negative thoughts when the Omicron variant is spreading at full speed.

Identify what Triggers you Emotionally

There can be a lot of things that trigger an emotional response. It can be an end of a relationship, family problems, a death anniversary or maybe a toddler screaming. It can be anything. Nowadays, a new source of inducing anxiety is panic-inducing headlines. While it is crucial in these times to be well informed about what is happening outside, you need not spend hours consuming podcasts, news and articles about the Omicron variant and rising cases.

Take Care of Your Connections

It is always the best option to keep connected to your loved ones either by texting or calling them or through video interactions. If you are completely vaccinated, take all the precautions and go to work. Make sure you take some time to meet and connect with your family and friends to be happy and content mentally. Also, offer your help and support to those in need. Be there for the people you love and share how you feel with the ones you trust.

Take Care of Your Mindset

Our mindsets do a lot to our reality. Be mindful of your thoughts and language. Focus on all things you would like to have and think to keep stress and anxiety at bay. The more you stick to watching the news, the hardships around the world, the rising cases, the more it will impact your brain and the nervous system. Listen to positive podcasts, talk to your friends, watch good movies and do the things that bring positivity to your life.

Avoid Catastrophizing

Catastrophizing means imagining the worst-case scenarios that can take place in any situation at any time. Talk to a therapist if you want. Therapy can help you structure your thoughts and give you reality checks so that you stop wasting time overthinking.

Focus on the Present Moment

It can be tough, but if you try to focus on the present than the future which is uncertain, you will feel a lot calmer and regain a sense of control. That is why try to focus on what is happening now. It is all about controlling the controllable in this situation. Be mindful and try some yoga to calm your anxiety.

Wrapping Up

Everybody must take utmost precautions to protect themselves from the spreading virus variants. With stronger thoughts, a healthy body and a positive mindset, we will be able to keep ourselves happy no matter the situation we are in. The good thing, the pandemic has made us strong enough to get through all the storms that come in our lives.

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