What Color are You?

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What Color are You?

Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Here are a few colors with their significance and effects on the human mind-

1.WHITE: It symbolizes purity, innocence and peace. If you have a preference for white, it shows that you are a positive, well-balance and optimistic person. You are a loner and you desire simplicity. It also symbolizes an attempt to recapture your youth and freshness.

2.RED: It symbolizes strength, energy, vitality, aggression, and impulsiveness. If your color is red, you are an optimistic and ambitious person. You are courageous and an extrovert, but tend to be restless and irritable if things do not go your way. You might be quick to judge people and form opinions and boldly express them.

3.PINK: It symbolizes love, affection, sympathy, generosity, and understanding. People who prefer pink like to be loved and feel secure, and appear to be delicate and fragile. Women who like pink tend to be maternal.

4.ORANGE: It symbolizes luxury, confidence, practicality, and creativity. If you like orange, you are independent, self-motivated, and organized. You are good natured, fun loving, and flamboyant. You can be fickle and vacillating at times. You are a natural born politician and generally a very popular person.

5.YELLOW: It symbolizes happiness, wisdom, intellect, and imagination. People who desire yellow are mentally adventurous and in search of self-fulfillment. You are active, inspiring and inquisitive. Good business head and strong sense of humor are few of your other qualities. You are a clear and precise thinker.

6.GREEN: It symbolizes harmony, balance, hope, renewal, and peace. If you like green, you are gentle, sincere and prefer peace- generally frank, humanitarian, and service-oriented. You are also refined and civilized. Social standing, financial position, and reputation are your top priorities.

7.BLUE: It symbolizes compassion, patience, stability, and duty. A person who prefers blue is sensitive, faithful, patient, imaginative, and has great depth of feeling. He/she is admired for steady character and wisdom. Secure and peaceful environment is also a preference.

8.PURPLE: It symbolizes individuality, wisdom, independence, dignity, and royalty. People who like purple are highly unique, witty, and sensitive. They desire to be different and have high aspirations. They are very artistic, tolerant, and dignified.

9.GRAY: It symbolizes caution, compromise, and composure. If gray is your color, you are very peaceful, self-sufficient, and hard working (at times without reward). You often have good business ability and can be a good critic.

10.BLACK: It symbolizes elegance, power, dignity, and mystery. It suggests strong will, discipline, and independence. You may lack confidence in yourself and your ability to handle situations efficiently. It also suggests suppression of desire, suggesting hidden depth.

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