What Actually Increases Your Testosterone and What Doesn't?

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What Actually Increases Your Testosterone and What Doesn't?

Testosterone, a male hormone, is usually found in both human beings and animals. In males, testicles are the key producers of testosterone, although women's ovaries also produce the same hormones in considerably lesser quantities.

Right testosterone level is essential to living a balanced life and helps prevent significant health issues.

Let's dive deep and understand the importance of testosterone levels.

Importance of Testosterone Levels

The secretion of testosterone begins to rise around puberty in males and declines beyond 30 by an average of 1% every year.

Poor testosterone levels have been related to a variety of health problems, including low libido, impact on sexual life, decreased fertility, tiredness, sleep difficulties, trouble losing or maintaining weight, loss of strength, brain fog, and mood swings.

It can also lead to long-term problems, including osteoporosis (poor bone density) and cardiovascular problems. In addition to age, obstructive sleep apnea, medicinal side effects, thyroid problems, excessive drinking, and drug use, and depression become common.

Various research shows why having an adequate level of T hormone is important and how lifestyle-related activities help in raising testosterone levels.

What major functions does this testosterone play in a male's body? Let's check out.

Functions of Testosterone in Males

Along with sperm formation, testosterone is considered to influence a multitude of functions in males. Following is a list to consider:

- Sex drive

- Bone density

- Fat dispersion

- Muscle building and its strength

- Formation of red blood cells

Men who do not produce enough testosterone may be at risk of infertility. This is because testosterone assists in the growth of mature sperm.

What if the level is too low or too high? If it's low, can you do something to increase it?

Let's find out in the following sections!

A Relation Between Testosterone & Exercise

A good workout session can raise testosterone levels. However, your biological sex and the type of workout you undertake impact your testosterone levels.

In general, exercise does have various health advantages that can aid in the prevention of lifestyle-related illnesses and disorders. For example, strength training is one of the most effective ways to boost your testosterone levels. Before you notice any possible benefits, you must commit to a weight-lifting or resistance-training regimen for at least six weeks.

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Furthermore, several studies have demonstrated high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to raise testosterone more than constant aerobic activity.

What are some major exercises that you can do to maintain your hormone level?

Best Exercises to Increase Your Testosterone Level

1. Resistance Training

As shown in studies, resistance training helped raise testosterone levels in the short and long term.

Training, such as weight-lifting, is the most effective way. It has been proven to be particularly beneficial for those who have male genitalia (penis).

2. HIIT for People Who Have Male Genitalia

Another established strategy to enhance testosterone is to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), but only in men who have penises.

Exercises That Don't Help Increase the T Level.

1. HIIT for People Who Have Female Genitalia

In females, HIIT has been found to lower testosterone levels. If your testosterone levels are excessively high, this might be useful.

2. Cardio Training

There's no information that cardio has any effect on T levels, regardless of gender. Too much exercise, in fact, can lower your T levels.

However, losing weight can help you manage your hormone levels as well as other aspects that lead to a healthy lifestyle, in general.

Key Takeaways

Having a balanced testosterone level in your body can help you lead a healthy and active life. If it is imbalanced, you can always adapt the physical exercise to maintain a good physique and hormone level. Choose wisely!

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